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Silent Disco

Silent Discos ..  is where.. people dance to music played through personal headphones rather than speakers and used to be only available at music festivals and special club nights.

..But now it is evermore popular at weddings and private parties, enabling teenagers to dance to their hearts' content without keeping their parents or the neighbours awake all night!

What's also rather groovy about the whole thing is that dancers can choose between two or more different channels (With our equipment you can choose up to 3 channels) which means someone can be twisting away to the Beatles while another group can be doing their thing to Lady GaGa - FAB!

James Johnson and his wife Kirsty, of Glasgow, had a silent disco at their wedding reception in Stobo Castle in the Scottish Highlands in June, with Motown on one channel for older guests and current hits aimed at the younger ones. Mr Johnson, a 27-year-old property manager, said: "It went down far better than I expected. I had my doubts about it, thinking it was just for younger people - you only ever see them at these festivals.

"But everybody loved it, all our parents went daft on it. There was an old Auntie with her headphones, flicking the switch between channels and putting the volume up." Mollie Nock, 15, of Pangbourne in Berkshire, experienced her first silent disco, which she described as "a load of out of tune people singing and dancing", at the Reading Festival last weekend.

She now plans to have one at her 16th birthday party in two months. "It was so much fun. I don't know why it's more interesting and enjoyable than a normal disco, but for some reason it seems less awkward," she said "It feels freer and nobody really cares. It's ridiculous because you could be listening to one channel and your friend to another and be dancing completely out of sync. It's hilarious.

You can either just hire the equipment, we come and set it up and advise the best way to run it and possibly collect the next day, or you could have a 'proper' DJ who does the whole thing with one set of music but he /she also wears headphones all night.

Some people prefer to start the party with conventional sound system and switch to headphones when you start worrying about neighbours. Some people may prefer to have the whole party as a silent disco and giggle at people singing out of tune!

Please note that currently we only have 35 wireless headsets..