Artizani / Syrovy

Artizani / Syrovy

Price Range


£500 £100,000

Artizani has been established since 1989, specializing in spectacular theatre.

One of Europe's most stylish and stunning street acts, Artizani combines traditional circus skills, performed at the highest level with a vaudevillian repertoire of routines and an eye for the surreal image.

They have experience at the highest level of cultural animation, having performed throughout Europe and Australia, and at most of the UK's major festivals. Artizani is well known for street theatre, corporate events, stadium entertainment and publicity stunts.


Syrovy enters the space and everyday objects conspire against him: newspapers become sails, there is a waterfall of cutlery, he dances with chairs and clothes confound him.

Eventually he ascends into sanity and finds balance on a wobbling, bouncing rope.

The show is inspired by the comic routines of Buster Keaton, Harpo Marx and W.C. Fields and is both spectacular and meticulously detailed.

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