Beatles - John Lennon tribute - Alan Swoffer

Beatles - John Lennon tribute - Alan Swoffer
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Alan Swoffer possesses an uncanny likeness to his
hero, but he is also a highly gifted entertainer who
brings the unique persona of John Lennon to the
stage in an amazingly accurate portrayal.

Available for private & corporate functions either
solo or with a full band!

No other musician, living or dead, reached out to people in the way that John Lennon did. From humble roots, Lennon became the voice of not one but two generations. If you were a child of the Sixties, the Beatles wrote the soundtrack to your life. If you grew up in the Seventies, you'll remember John as a passionate advocate for peace and love, both in his music and in his role as social commentator.

ALAN SWOFFER brings the world of Lennon to the stage in a truly stunning musical tribute - LENNON LEGEND. Alan is well known to thousands of Beatles fans around the world, having starred in countless promotional campaigns and personal appearances including:

  • Eurostar
  • BBC
  • Channel Four
  • GMTV
  • British Airways and more!

His unique talents are also in demand in the film and TV world - you'll have seen Alan in films starring Christopher Lambert, and Jeffrey Archer. And in "The Truth" starring Damien Lewis. Alan has worked on TV with UK comedian Rob Brydon, and impressionist Phil Cornwell. Alan is also known to YOKO ONO, who has given her blessing to many of his appearances.

The act "Lennon Legend" is available for hire as a solo act featuring Alan Swoffer as John Lennon, performing with top quality backing PA equipment, or as a full band.

LENNON LEGEND is Alan's' superb musical tribute to the worlds' best-loved musician. From Lennon's' early days as a hard rocking Beatle in Hamburg, through the explosion that was Beatlemania, the swirling psychedelic era, onto Abbey Road, then transforming himself into a brilliant solo artist and eventually a fully fledged cultural icon, LENNON LEGEND takes in all stops on a truly magical mystery tour.

Not only does Alan Swoffer possess an uncanny likeness to his hero, but he is also a highly gifted entertainer who brings the unique persona of John Lennon to the stage in an amazingly accurate portrayal. Swoffer is ably supported by a cast of hand picked professional musicians who faithfully recreate the sounds of Lennon live and on record.

From The Daily Telegraph August 2008 -

Alan Swoffer, a professional Lennon lookalike, was among the hopefuls who attended auditions at the Elevator Music Studios in Liverpool.

The film is Nowhere Boy, based on the memoirs of John's half-sister, Julia Baird.

It is being made by Matt Greenhalgh, who produced award-winning Joy Division biopic Control.

Baird's book, Imagine This: Growing Up With My Brother John Lennon, provides a deeply personal account of the former Beatle's early years, including his relationship with his mother and with his Aunt Mimi, the woman who brought him up.

Greenhaigh has said the biography "illuminated so much about this legendary genius. I could see the drama and film immediately - the women in his life, the men who weren't, the birth of rock and roll, all imposing on a brilliantly complicated adolescent mind."

He added: "Without this story, we would never have heard the Beatles - can you imagine that?"

The UK Film Council is part-funding the film, which will go into production later this year.

Swoffer has played Lennon on screen already this year, in Jason Statham film The Bank Job.

As well as look-alike work he can also perform as a John Lennon look-alike DJ where he dresses up as John and does a sixties discos tribute night, where he creates the essence of John and sings throughout the night !

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