Beatles tribute - Counterfeit Beatles

Beatles tribute - Counterfeit Beatles
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The Counterfeit Beatles have established themselves as one of the UK's most sort after international acts with two of the highest profile performances ever undertaken by any Beatles tribute band.

Headlining the main stage at Japan's Fuji Rock Festival - with Coldplay, Elvis Costello. Steve Winwood, Primal Scream, Bjork- to an international crowd of 80,000.

The performance above is from The Hard Rock Cafe, Munich in April 2010 (amateur video)

They also starred in the £300,000 stage production Beatlemania at the Theatre Vergina Thessaloniki, ainland Greece, for Walt Disney's award winning directors Derrick Lasalla and Stavros Sideras - with full national television and radio coverage.

The Show

Their show begins with a dramatic soundtrack and lighting display and then goes into the early days of Love Me Do, She Loves Me, I Wanna Hold Your Hand etc. They are in full costume of the grey collarless suits of the 60's.

The second set covers songs from the Rubber Soul album through to Revolver. Songs like Nowhere Man, Paperback Writer. They are again in full costume of the black velvet collared suits, famously synonymous with the original Beatles.

The third set covers the Sergeant Pepper phase of psychedelic coloured guitars, longer hair and moustaches through to the White album. This set also features the famous songs of Hey Jude, Back in the USSR , All You Need is Love. The fourth set comprises of the Abbey Road and Let It Be era culminating in such classics as Get Back and Come Together. They wear the same clothes worn on the cover of Abbey Road .

All the equipment used by the band is the exact replica of the original fab 4's gear down to the finest detail.

The band are fully self-contained with their own PA and lighting.

You can book them for corporate or private functions such as weddings, conferences and parties.

The band will perform for up to a 2-hour show without breaks. However, if required, you can select to have your own DJ or the Band has the facilities to play your own choice of music during any required intervals.

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