Jonathan Meades

Jonathan Meades

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An very experienced Journalist and Broadcaster predominently about the arts and architecture, Jonathan Meades is a busy speaker and host for conferences in the UK and abroad.

His TV credits include:

Saturday Review (BBC2) 1985-1987
Films on, inter alia, Barcelona and Amsterdam
The Victorian House (6 part series C4) 1987
Building Sights: Marsh Court (BBC2) 1988
Abroad In Britain (5 part series BBC2) 1991
Severn Heaven: Brummies bodge shacks Right Is Wrong: The Utopian avoidance of right angles
House Ahoy: The land and water of the Solent
Brick and Mortars: Martial architecture
In Search of Bohemia: Artists' architecture
Further Abroad (5 part series BBC2) 1994
The Truth About Porkies: Where pigs live
Get High: The perillous attractions of vertigo
Where The Other Half Lives: The architecture of beer
Belgium: Magritte was a social realist
Middlebrow-on-Tee: The landscapes and society of golf
Jerry Building: Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany (BBC2) 1994
Vanbrugh in Dorset - for One Foot In The Past (BBC2) 1995
J'Accuse: Vegetarians (C4) 1995
Even Further Abroad (5 part series BBC2) 1997
Double Dutch: The Fens
The Absentee Landlord: Postwar Churches
Nag Nag Nag: Newmarket
When The World Was Modern: Big Tech of the 60s
Full Metal Carapace: The World of Caravans
Heart Bypass: Birmingham (BBC2) 1998
Travels With Pevsner: Worcestershire (BBC2) 1998
Victoria Died In 1901 And Is Still Alive Today (BBC2) 2001
Pevsner: The Man (BBC Knowledge) 2001 tv-SSFBM: Surreal Film (BBC2) 2001 Meades Eats... (3 part series BBC2) 2003
Fast Food
An A-Z of the Gastronomic Revolution
Whose Food


L'Atlantide (dir. Bob Swaim - Italy/France/Morocco) 1992
Millie's Problem 1985
The Side I Dressed On 1987
The Brute's Price 1996


Books and Bookmen 1971 - 1975
Time Out 1975 - 1977
The Observer 1977 - 1979
Architects Journal 1979 - 1980
Event (Editor) 1981 - 1982
Tatler 1982 - 1986
The Times 1986 - Contributor to: The Sunday Times, The Mail on Sunday, The Observer, Evening Standard, The Independent, New Statesman, Spectator, Vogue, Harpers and Queen, New Yorker, Dial, Blueprint, Building, Architectural Review, TLS, Literary Review et alia.


This Is Their Life (1979)
An Illustrated Atlas of the World's Great Buildings (1980)
Filthy English (stories and novellas) 1984
Peter Knows What Dick Likes (essays, reportage, stories) 1989
Pompey (novel) 1993
The Fowler Family Business (novel) 2002
Incest and Morris Dancing (food journalism) 2002

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