The Casablanca Steps

The Casablanca Steps
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Four very individual and talented musicians, unequalled in their field, combine musical and vocal talents guaranteed to be the entertainment highlight of any occasion.

With the ability to break down the ARTS barriers with their riotous performance, combined with compelling music, this exceptional quartet always leaves their audiences begging for more.

The pure talent and unique quintessential English style of The Casablanca Steps, together with authentic 3 part vocal harmonies and hilarious visual humour, are the ingredients that make them a phenomenal success wherever they perform.

By creating an amazing atmosphere combined with a shameless display of effortless team talent, these four individuals use their skills in a way that their audience will reflect warmly upon for years and years after the event! A breathtaking mixture of music, song, comedy and laughter from the best Corporate Cabaret Quartet in the business.

For an evening of sheer indulgence calculated to appeal to the most discerning of international audiences, The Casablanca Steps are unrivalled.

In a world of change, The Casablanca Steps are constantly outstanding.

When the occasion demands nothing but excellence, turn to the best musical comedy foursome in the world. A brilliant blend of song and laughter, their cabaret show can be tailored to suit your every corporate requirement. Blue chip entertainment for the comedy connoisseur.

They have been featured in over 25 television shows in the UK and Europe , most recently providing the live cabaret during the Song for Europe as featured on Irish TV in 2001.

The band features - Wootten Basset - Trombone, Vocals and eyebrows. Following a narrow escape on the Titanic where he was working as a scullery maid, Wootton vowed to give up his former profession ( though not the silk stockings ) and formed The Casablanca Steps.

Clark Deville - Guitar, Vocals and Psychiatric counselling. He's got rhythm. And music. And my gal too. Who could ask for anything more ? Well, just in case you could, he's also got several small islands in the Pacific.

Baron von Schneider II - Piano & Vocals & Monocle. (Hair by Toni.) Frustrated soprano and former diet Coke addict, the chunky World War I flying ace joined The Casablanca Steps because of his love of dangerous situations. Perhaps his war experiences explain his mad behaviour. And perhaps they don't.

Pico Boon III - Double Bass and Top Hat. Pico has had a distinguished career as a top War correspondent, celebrity chef and billiard player. Following the recent creation of the N.S.P.C.C. , Pico will only briefly be utilising his unique vocal "talents" for you.

A selection of the songs -

Putting on The Ritz
The Charleston
Java Jive
Lets Face The Music & Dance
Anything Goes
Button Up Your Overcoat
The William Tell Overture
Blue Moon
Cheek To Cheek
Don't Bring Lulu
Yes Sir That's My Baby
42nd Street
....Plus many more

Juggling the Classics (just one of their astounding routines) -

Juggle and play at the same time??? Surely that is impossible!! "The William Tell Overture" (Lite)
"Around Gershwin in 60 seconds" - Timings are approximate!

"The Exploding Bassplayer"
The extremely clever "song on the spot" routine. You name a subject, we write a song about it!!

There are also special guest appearances by Ginger Astair & Fred Rogers, "George Formby", "Al Jolson" and the 1920's "ABBA".
not forgetting their hilarious dance routine 42nd Street.

Their show has a sophisticated elegance, with outstanding musical and vocal performances. It runs at a furious pace but with enough light and shade to satisfy the most discerning critic. It is elegant, witty, stylish and above all, exceptional entertainment.

The Steps have a quintissentially English style.

Performances: ideally needed is an area approximately 12ft by 10ft, preferably with a 2ft raised platform / stage, although this is not essential.  One 13 amp plug socket is required and access to the venue at least 90 minutes before the guests arrive.  If the performing area is out of doors, some contingency plan should be made for bad weather.  The show will feature some pyrotechnics, which can be omitted on request.  For venues with over 300 guests a PA / sound system will need to be supplied by the client together with appropriate technical support.  A suitable, lockable dressing room and a small storage area for the stage equipment are also required.

I have had brilliant feedback regarding your act.  Many thanks for a great night."
Les Scrannage - SmithKline Beecham

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the wonderful show.  It was extremely entertaining, funny and very talented".
Karen Bull, Equant Network Services Limited

"Thank you so much for your outstanding performance.  I have been inundated with praise regarding your show."  
Debbie Douglas, Defence Communications Services Agency

"With an audience made up of 50% British and 50% US citizens The Casablanca Steps certainly have a universal appeal with two excellent shows that were a tremendous success."  
Julien A. Sharp, Cruise Director, Renaissance Cruises.

"I'm a great fan of The Casablanca Steps.  I could watch them again and again.  A rib-ticklingly toe tapping bunch of thoroughly decent chaps."  
Sir Alan Ayckbourn

"Thank you for your most entertaining and polished performance.  I have to tell you that The Casablanca Steps logged the biggest audience of the series and thanks to you we ended the season in real party style."  
Richard Howarth - Series Director - The Bridgewater Hall

"Thank you for helping to make our wedding so perfect.  The cabaret was a scream and such a hit with our guests."
Bryony & Peter Nowell

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