Cabaret can be a stunning, amazing or hilarious way to entertain your guests.

Usually taking place after dinner as the atmosphere in the room is mellow and your guests have enjoyed a wonderful dinner, the lights are dimmed and the cabaret begins!

It can take the shape of hilarious comedy, breathtaking acrobatics, urban or street dance groups with their upbeat and funky soundtracks, TV artists from talent shows such as Britain's Got Talent, the X Factor or Sky One's Got To Dance, music from well-known celebrity artists or brand new acts that bedazzle with their inventiveness.

We have worked with some of the most amazing and talented names in showbusiness and can offer the most perfect style of entertainment that will create that absolute wow factor..

Below are just some of the artists, we have more just waiting in the wings..

Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra

Celebrity Band / Swing / Soul / R& B / Boogie Woogie

An outstanding musician and performer and the most popular pianist and bandleader in the UK with an amazing show.

Judge the Poet

Mix and Mingle / Poetry / Cabaret

An amazing and original poet who takes any words given to him from the audience and turns them into poems

Keelan & Charlotte

Speciality Act / BGT / UK

The UK's top Quick Change Act - the unique and very fast paced art of instant costume transformations from one style and colour of costume to another..

Led / Uv / Light Glow Shows

Who glows in the dark? These guys do...

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London Essentials

Acoustic group / Vocal harmony / Interactive / Strolling / UK / International

Great music, pure euphoria, feel good, happy music performed by a collection of 5 nomadic musicians - what more could anyone need...

Lumi-Glow Light Show

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A high impact glow show. A 6 minute performance to an upbeat and exciting soundtrack!

Lumina Laser Violinist

Laser Violinist / Laser Cabaret / Violin Duo

The most exciting and brand new violin act in the World! A stunning virtuoso performing the electric violin who literally plays her violin with a laser beam an...


Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

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Mano Mani

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A classic adagio stage act - an emotionally charged dance of technical precision..

Mind Readers

Be prepared to be astounded - how could they possibly have known that??

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Musical Cabaret

From the sublime to the very slightly ridiculous...

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Female opera Vocal Group / Cabaret / UK

Passionata is an all female opera group comprising of four internationally acclaimed classical singers - the female version of 'Il Divo'..

Penn & Teller

Celebrity Magician, TV Magician, US Magicians

Masters of Magic - Penn & Teller are Emmy award-winning TV stars, best-selling authors and Las Vegas icons

Piff the Magic Dragon

Comedian / Magician / Cabaret / Stage Magician

Piff the Magic Dragon is an award winning comedian, combining stunning magic with delightfully deadpan humour.

Quiz Masters

Professional, TV, Specialist, fun, exciting quizzes ..

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Ruby Deshabille

Burlesque / Cabaret / Vegas Theme / UK

A Burlesque performance by Ruby Deshabille will ensure that your party is remembered as the glitziest bash in town!

Singing Waiters

A sophisticated and fabulous 'surprise' for your guests as the 'waiters' suddenly become opera singers extraordinaire!

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Cabaret / Interaction / Junk percussion / Drummers

This amazing troupe of percussionists create an incredible spectacle of sight and sound as they present their dynamic and exciting sets of highly choreographed....

Spark Drummers

LED Light Show / Walkabout Drummers / Pyrotechnic Finale / Street Entertainment / UK

Spark is an amazing blend of bright lights, high impact drumming and mesmerising choreography.


Winners Britain's Got Talent 2010 / Acrobatics / Cabaret / Circus

Thirteen amazing and daredevil acrobats, aged from 12 to 24 - winners of Britain's Got Talent 2010

Swing Dancers

Dance / Jazz / 1950's / UK

A dynamic and exciting fusion dance company, specializing in - Lindy Hop, Charleston, Tap, Hip Hop, Rock N' Roll and the new USA street craze "Swop''

Tap Dogs

Dance / Tap / Australia / UK

High-voltage, all-male, explosive tap show

Team Building

Fun ideas for working as a team - try something different..

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The Noise Next Door

Comedy Cabaret / Improvisation / Edinburgh Fringe / UK

Fun, clever and popular improv troupe who create scenes and songs from audience suggestions - hilarious!