Celeb / EDM / Dance DJs

Chart DJs, superstar EDM DJs, Dance & House, stars from major bands, actors and more - performing as DJs at your party!

Bittersweet DJs

Celebrity DJ duo / Party / Hip-hop / Garage / 90s / UK

A dynamic DJ duo from London who bring their multi-genre party sets across the globe.

Black Box

Celebrity Group/ Dance / Techno / 1990's / Europe

Three Italian musicians who were well known in the 90's for the massive hit 'Ride On Time'

Bloc Party

Celebrity Band / Indie Rock / UK

British indie rock band with platinum selling albums and a major world tour..

Blue - DJ Sets

Celebrity DJs / UK

From 7 million albums and 4 million singles the boys are now available for PAs and selected DJ sets

Boogie Pimps

Dance DJ / Trance DJ / Germany / Europe

The Boogie Pimps is, as a DJ, booked worldwide and relentlessly tours Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia and of course Ibiza.

Boy George

Celebrity Singer / Celebrity DJ / UK

Boy George is universally recognised as one of the music scene's biggest artists, and having gained truly global recognition.

Brandon Block

Celebrity DJ / Dance DJ / 90's / EDM DJ / UK

One of the most sought after 90's and Dance DJ's around - a real Old Skool Legend!

Busted DJ Set - Charlie & Matt

Celebrity DJs

Enjoy a night like no other with an exclusive live DJ set with Charlie Simpson and Matt Willis from Busted. It must be the year 3000!

Chris Stark

Celebrity DJ / Radio Presenter / Radio DJ / Radio One

Chris is part of The Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1 and can be heard daily between 13.00-16.00

Craig David

Celebrity Singer / RnB / UK

A UK Garage pioneer & a mainstream multi-million seller, Craig David has over 13 top ten hits and can perform live or his new TS5 DJ sets for events..

D J Sash

Dance DJ / Trance DJ / Germany / Europe

Sash! enjoyed massive 90's UK and European hits with “It’s My Life and the “Encore Une Fois”.

DJ - T

DJ / Celebrity DJ / 1980's

Imagine an 80’s event where one of the most recognisable icons of the 80's is actually the DJ?


Celebrity DJ / Radio presenter / Kerrang / UK

DJ BBQ is a man of many talents whether a radio presenter on Kerrang / hosting at Bestival or DJing at celeb parties..

DJ Cassyette

Celebrity DJ / Pop / Glam Rock / 80's / EDM / UK

Known on the London DJ circuit for her lively pop and electronic party sets.

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Dance DJ, House DJ, Celebrity DJ, RnB DJ, Hip Hop DJ

You may know him from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air or from producing Jill Scott, but Jazzy Jeff is probably also the best turntablist you will ever hear.


Dance DJ, / House DJ / Celebrity DJ / UK

' Unbelievable' DJ Milf one time EMF star and long time DJ will rock your event.

DJ Sammy

Celebrity DJ / Dance DJ / Spain / Europe

His presence is positive and his vibe is cool. His worldwide success arrived in 2001 when DJ Sammy started putting his name to his work in Heaven.

DJ Spoony

Celebrity DJ / Garage / Soulful House / UK

Formerly of the UK garage outfit The Dreem Teem, Spoony's sets are guaranteed to rock any club floor.

DJs from Mars

Celebrity DJ / Party DJ / Mash-Up DJ / EDM

One of the biggest mash-up DJs in the world - famous for wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while playing live


Celeb DJ / Dance DJ / House DJ / TV Celeb

When Dean isn't busy playing the role of Luke in Coronation Street, he can be found behind the decks mixing the best R&B, hip-hop and house tunes.

Daniele Davoli (Blackbox)

Celeb DJ / Dance DJ / House DJ / Italy / Europe / Ibiza DJ

Daniele Davoli may be familiar to you – he was a pioneers of the Italian House sound and had major success with BlackBox, who's hit Ride On Time was massive

Danny Howard

Celebrity DJ / Radio DJ / Dance DJ / EDM DJ / UK

Danny Howard has become an influential Presenter, Producer, and all-round champion of electronic music.

Danny Rampling

Celebrity DJ / House / UK

Danny Rampling is the undisputed Godfather of the British House Music scene

Dave Lee DJ

Celebrity DJ

One of the most well-known British DJ/producers and remixers (formerly known as Joey Negro)