Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.

From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music in festive dress, on stilts, on skates with lots of audience interaction.

We work with many clients to provide fantastic and exciting acts and artists for Christmas Light Switch Ons - we recommend you book early to get the one you really really want!

The performers that Classique recommend to our clients are from the very best in the UK and beyond.  The creativity and passion that these performers put into their characters and acts is stunning and unique.

Please contact Classique for ideas for your Winter Wonderland and Festive events, we hope to inspire and surprise :)

Electric / Silver Hoop

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Electrifying hoop performance with glittering light suit. Fitted with over 30 LEDS and encrusted with crystals..

Electric / Silver Ribbon

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Elegant and striking grand ribbon performance in electric / silver. Two dancers available for exquisite dance-about or staged performance..

Electric Ball

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED / Acrobatic

Exquisite rhythmic gymnastic ball display. This unique act is performed in a glittering light suit..

Elf on a Toadstool

Christmas Winter Theme

A very jolly soul, although doesn't get out as much as he'd like to..

Elves on Stilts

Winter / Christmas / Fairytale Theme

Sent by Santa to take those last orders in time for Christmas eve. Spritely, perky and enthusiastic.

Fairy & Tree on Stilts

Christmas Theme / Meet and Greet

Beautiful fairy, Saphire, loves to grant wishes to all who believe in fairies! She can be accompanied by her friend,Teresa, a sparkly white Christmas tree!

Festive Elves

Walkabout / Christmas / Fairytale Theme

Two colourfully dressed elves carry a spectacular swaying eight foot tall tower of presents.

Frosty Fairy

Christmas Theme / Wonderland Theme / Narnia Theme / Fire & Ice

Stunning and contemporary costumes for these 'living statues' that add a new and exciting dimension to any themed event

Giant Candy Canes

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Nutcracker / Sweets / Charlie & Choc Factory Theme

Entertainment just doesn't come any sweeter than this! Feared by dentists, irresistible to the sweet tooth, these giant candy canes are naturally sweet at heart

Giant Elf

Christmas Theme

The Elf that wouldn't stop growing!

Giant LED Star and performer

Christmas Theme / Corporate / LED / Halloween

Standing at over 10 ft tall our free-standing rig shaped as an LED star is truly out of this world. You don’t have to go to the moon to play amongst the stars.

Gingerbread Men

Christmas theme / Traditional Characters / Meet and greet /Food theme / Children's / Walkabout / UK

Traditional and fun Gingerbread Men who can meet and greet your guests, serve drinks or even boogie on the dance floor!


Stilt Walkers / Glitter / Gold & Silver / 1970's / Futuristic / Fire & Ice / Christmas

Stunning, beautiful stilt walkers in opulent gold or silver LED costumes - who will definitely create an impact!

Globe Walking Snow Elves

Christmas and Winter Theme

Two pointy eared Snow Elves from Lapland leap on and off their huge white snow balls, juggling smaller snowballs as they globe walk around the passers-by..

Green Living Table

Christmas / Themed / Corporate / Meet and Greet

A lovely Green living table perfect for many events including Christmas and Irish themed events..

Holly and Ivy

Christmas and Winter Theme

These magical Christmas elves live inside their very own enchanted Christmas trees..

Ice Angels

Christmas and Winter Theme / Fire and Ice Theme

These beautiful Ice Angels are perfect for Christmas, protecting party goers and weary shoppers and giving out wishes to one and all..

Ice Faeries

Christmas / Winter Theme / Fantasy / Enchanted Theme

Enchanting, beautiful, magical. Just some of the descriptions we can use for these amazing gliding fairys.

Ice Fauns

Christmas and Winter Theme / Themed / Ice

Reminiscent of the tales of Narnia these striking characters, in stunning glittering costumes of icy white and blue, will lure you into their frozen Kingdom!

Ice Men and Ice People

Christmas and Winter Theme / Fire and Ice

With beautiful skills of contact juggling and ambient music, these characters attract crowds wherever they go..

Ice Pixie Snow Globe

Christmas and Winter Theme / Fire and Ice / Stilt Walkers

The Ice Pixie snow globes are fabulous and fun instillations for any event - the Pixies appear frozen in time within their beautiful snow filled world..

Ice Pixie Statue

Christmas Theme / Fire and Ice / LED

The Ice Pixie is exquisitely detailed even down to the ice that has formed on his eyes and nose! Perfect for Christmas Events and Fire and Ice themed evenings

Ice Pixies

Stiltwalkers / Rollerskates Option / Winter / Christmas / Ice / Narnia / Fairytale Theme

The Ice Pixies are very dapper, magical characters, covered in jewels and crystals and have come straight from the coldest, most magical city of 'Frostonia'.

Ice Queen

Christmas and Winter Theme / Statue

Resplendent in striking white peacock feathers, corseted in a thousand glittery snowflakes and showered in icy crystals.