Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.

From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music in festive dress, on stilts, on skates with lots of audience interaction.

We work with many clients to provide fantastic and exciting acts and artists for Christmas Light Switch Ons - we recommend you book early to get the one you really really want!

The performers that Classique recommend to our clients are from the very best in the UK and beyond.  The creativity and passion that these performers put into their characters and acts is stunning and unique.

Please contact Classique for ideas for your Winter Wonderland and Festive events, we hope to inspire and surprise :)

Ice Queen & King

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Winter / Ice / Narnia / Fairytale / White Theme

These stunning stilt characters are ideal for corporate, Christmas parties or ice themed events.

Ice Queen & Sleigh

Christmas / Fire & Ice / Narnia / Winter Wonderland

Exquisitely attired this regal Ice Queen can greet your guests or enchant from behind a mask, with of course her beautiful reindeer!

Ice Queen (2)

Christmas & Winter Theme / Venetian / Living Statue / Fire & Ice

Stunning and contemporary costumes for these 'living statues' that add a new and exciting dimension to any themed event

Ice Queen on Stilts

Stiltwalker / Christmas / Winter / Ice / Narnia / Fairytale / White Theme

She's an evil magical Majesty! She sparkles and gleams in her beautiful icy gown!

Ice Queens on stilts (2)

Ice Queens / Narnia / Christmas / Fire & Ice

​Beautifully ethereal winter themed characters perfect for Christmas, Narnia and Fire & Ice themes.

Illuminated Pressies

Christmas Walkabout / Christmas Presents / Roller Skating Act / UK

​Two elegant and beautifully illuminated twinkling white presents, skilfully glide their way on roller skates through the busy crowds.

Incognito Living Statues

Christmas & Winter Theme / Living Statue / Venetian / Masquerade

An amazing array of beautiful Living Statues from Ice Queens to Oscars and Cupid...

Jack Frost

Christmas / Winter / Living Statue / Fire & Ice

Jack Frost is a crystal ball manipulating, contact juggling and juggling living statue. He is frozen into place but could thaw out at any moment!

Jack Frost & The Snow Queen

Stilt walkers / Christmas / Winter / Narnia / Ice / Fairytale / Venetian / White Theme

Stunning and beautiful stilt walking characters.

Jack Frost Stilt Walker

Christmas / Winter Theme / Fire & Ice / Stilt Walkers / Meet & Greet / Walkabout

Jack Frost Stilt Walker is a variant of Father Winter, also known as Old Man Winter.

Jack Frost and Ice Angels

Stilt walkers / Christmas / Winter / Ice / Narnia / Fairytale / White Theme

Although they look frosty they are anything but.. The perfect winter costumes, these ice cool characters are very popular at Fire & Ice themed parties...

Jack Frost on Stilts

Stilt Walker / Christmas / Winter / Ice / Narnia / Fairytale / White Theme / Meet & Greet

He dances about at night, while all are sleeping, leaving traces of frost glistening in the daylight! He's a naughty Sprite!

Jack Skellington

Stilt Walker / Christmas / Halloween / Themed

This stiltwalking character takes his inspiration from Tim Burtons classic "Nightmare before Christmas". He is a firm favorite at Halloween events..

Jacks of Frost

Stilt Walkers / Nightclub / Carnival / Christmas / Winter / Fire & Ice Theme

Two frosted, glam, dancing Jacks interact and melt with the crowd.

Jill Frost

Christmas / Winter / Walkabout

Give your event an extra shiver and sparkle this year with Jill Frost, Jack Frost's little known sister. Her personality is quite mischievous and playful..

Jim Millar

Christmas / Santa / Reindeer / Themed / Juggler

Great entertainment from Jim with his Christmas Reindeer!


Christmas Walkabout / Reindeer Walkabout / Winter Wonderland / Magical Lands / UK

Introducing the North Pole Postal Service, staring Pickle the elf, Nena the reindeer and Santa's helper Araura.

Joy Riding Reindeer

Christmas / Reindeer / Themed

Fearing redundancy in the credit crunch two of Santa's naughty Reindeer have stolen his sleigh and pimped his ride..

Jumpin' Jack Frosts

Christmas / Stilt Walkers / Musicians

Beat off those Winter blues with a fab rock 'n roll, disco and rock band on stilts..

LED Light Stilt Walkers

Christmas / LED / Winter Theme / Meet & Greet / Walkabout / Stiltwalkers

These Light LED Stilt Walkers produce a dramatic glowing outline to these amazing stilt costumes.


Christmas & Winter Theme / Acrobats

Wheel acrobats duet danced in gently falling snow...

Living Christmas Trees

Human Christmas Trees / Christmas Winter theme / UK

Perfect for Christmas and winter celebrations - these trees can meet and greet your guests and give them a hug!

Living Hedge Men

Entertaining Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Garden Parties / Alice in Wonderland / Human Trees / UK

​Have a tree hug with some amazing real life Hedge Men! Introducing one of the planet’s most quirky, outrageous and downright silly walkabout entertainment acts...

Lofty & Holly - the Winter Elves

Christmas / Elves

Lofty and Holly are highly verbal interactive and some might say over enthusiastic woodland elves with a keen grasp of acorn/squirrel logistics!