Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.

From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music in festive dress, on stilts, on skates with lots of audience interaction.

We work with many clients to provide fantastic and exciting acts and artists for Christmas Light Switch Ons - we recommend you book early to get the one you really really want!

The performers that Classique recommend to our clients are from the very best in the UK and beyond.  The creativity and passion that these performers put into their characters and acts is stunning and unique.

Please contact Classique for ideas for your Winter Wonderland and Festive events, we hope to inspire and surprise :)

Statue Christmas Trees

Christmas Statues / Living Christmas Trees / UK

Lit up with fairy lights or just standing either side of a door, they look like the real thing. (Until they jump at you, of course)

Stiltwalking Fairies

Christmas / Winter Theme / Fairy / Stilt Walkers / Meet & Greet / Walkabout

Wonderful stilt walking fairies to waft some magic and fun for Christmas.

Stiltwalking Santa ll

Christmas / Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Stilt Walkers

In a jolly and rather ridiculous mood (don't give him too much sherry!) he will charm those around him with tales of his travels.

Stiltwalking Victorian Policemen

Christmas / Winter Theme / Victorian / Stilt Walkers / Jugglers

Need additional security, extra law enforcement and the reassurance that there will be no funny business at your event? If your answer is yes, this is for you.

Sugar Cane Stiltwalkers

Stilt Walkers / Christmas Theme / Nutcracker Theme / Walkabout

Sugar Cane Christmas Stilt Walkers. At around 12 feet tall on stilts or 9 feet without, you simply won’t find a grander candy.

Swan Lake Ballet & Violin Show

Ballet / Gala dinners / Exclusive events / UK

An absolutely stunning performance with professional ballerinas performing ​a magical ballet show accompanied by a talented duet of musicians.

Tapdancing Turkeys

Christmas Theme / Walkabout

They are unplucked, live and acoustic, touring the land with their festive and feathery combination of tap dance, turkey talk and Christmas Shopping trips.

The Christmas Car Boot Sale

Christmas Theme

Perfect for those last-minute gifts. Broken figurines and shoddy goods for that someone special in your life.

The Christmas Family

Christmas Theme / Meet & Greet / Stilt Walkers

What don't you know about Father Christmas and his lovely wife, they love children, are incredibly jolly and always seen with a sack of gifts for all!

The Dapper Chaps

Christmas / Winter Theme / Victorian / Dickensian / 1920's / Themed

A comedy character based act featuring Reginald 'tic toc' Monty Montgomery IV and Quentin 'bang on' Bladderhasit Caruthers III.

The Enchanted Globe

Christmas / Winter Theme / Fantasy / Enchanted Theme

As if in a dream, these acrobats perform a mesmerising routine completely encased in a giant inflatable globe as snow or foliage drift gently down.

The Explorers

Christmas / Winter Theme

Definitely not lost, searching for who knows what, our Explorers march nobly on.

The Grinnigogs - Victorian

Christmas / Winter Theme / Victorian / Dickensian

The Grinnigogs bring a real Victorian flavour to any event - dressed in full Victorian costume, they amazing musicians.

The Jesters

Walkabout / Jesters / Christmas / Medieval / Acrobats / Multi-skilled / Circus Acts / UK

The Jesters are a pair of comic acrobats, with stunning costumes of antique leather and crushed velvet.

The Lightwalkers

Stilt Walkers / LED Colour / Walkabout / Christmas / Neon / Glo / UK

The Lightwalkers are an uplifting magical celebration of light and artistry, a visual spectacular that instantly fashion a special kind of wonder and excitement...

The Mob

Flash Mobs / Dancing flash mobs / Dancing Waiters / Halloween Flashmobs / Outdoor mobs / Festival mobs / Promotions mobs / Mobs for large events

Everything about these surprise flash mob performances will thrill guests at every event - The Mob are experts at unexpected entertainment!

The Optioscopes

Danceabout / Christmas / Meet & Greet / Fire & Ice / Silver / Stilt Walkers

An amazing new act who are a 'dance-about', dazzling your guests with stunning, LED encrusted silver and gold costumes.

The Overtones

Celebrity Male Vocal Harmony Group / TV Band / 1950's / Doo-Wop / R&B / Pop / Christmas / UK

A four-piece British-Irish doo-wop boy band from London and the UK's hottest vocal harmony group - the UK's most stylish 'man band'!

The Porcelain Twins

Stilt Walkers / Winter / Christmas / Ice / Venetian / Masquerade / Carnival Theme

The Porcelain Twins are a sophisticated choice for adding something spectacular to your event. These graceful beauties stand 11 ft in the sky.

The Puppini Sisters

Vocal Harmony / Christmas Cabaret / Vintage Retro / Corporate

A fabulous, glamorous, retro all female trio who relive the glitz & music of the 30's and 40's with a little bit of punk thrown in.

The Red Hot Santas

Christmas / Walkabouts / Parades

Festive funk, ska & calypso & your favourite Christmas tunes.

The Sanity Clauses

Christmas Theme

Two Santa's reading their trade journals while a Christmas party of illuminated Christmas trees and flying reindeer erupt from their puppets.

The Snow Queens Ice Chariot

Christmas / Winter Theme / Ice / Fantasy Theme

The Snow Queen propels her icy vessel through the blizzards.

The Spinettes

Vintage Trio / 40's / 50's / 60's / Christmas

Hits from the 40's, 50's, 60's and more! A Glamorous Trio formed from West End and International Performers who perform Vintage, Classic and Christmas numbers.