Fun Clown

Stiltwalker, Rollerskates Option / Balloon Modelling / Kid'sParties / Circus Theme

Full of cheeky fun, this clown can balloon model, pull a rabbit out of his hat and chase you around with his tickling stick! Available on stilts or skates

Giant LED Star and performer

Christmas Theme / Corporate / LED / Halloween

Standing at over 10 ft tall our free-standing rig shaped as an LED star is truly out of this world. You don’t have to go to the moon to play amongst the stars.

Hula Hoop

It may look easy but trained hula-hoop performers have spent years fine tuning to create stunning displays

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Indian Head Massage

Great stress reliever - either touching or not!

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Stiltwalkers, Circus / Black and White Theme

Black and white, sharp, sculptural, athletic..

Jubilee Jugglers

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Circus / Jubilee / England / British Theme

Two jaunty chaps on stilts who can perform juggling tricks (including passing) and provide a big impact at any event.


Juggling, slapstick, fire, glo, comedy juggling shows, walkabout and workshops

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Stiltwalker, Juggling / Fire Eating / Balloon Modelling / Unicycling / Circus Theme

Fire eater, stilt walker, circus workshop, unicyclist and juggler!

Led / Uv / Light Glow Shows

Who glows in the dark? These guys do...

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Living Statues

Beautiful and mesmerising statues to enhance any theme or event

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Meet And Greet

Be met at your event by Paparazzi, or Marilyn, or Magicians, or Gorillas or....

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Moving or static, electronic, themed, French, walkabout, dancing - but rarely do they speak..

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Mind Readers

Be prepared to be astounded - how could they possibly have known that??

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Wonderful and intricate paper creations cut before your eyes for you to take away..

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PALMISTRY The hand has been a source of fascination ever since time began - The experienced palmist can reveal a person's character, potential and the opportuni...

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Parisienne / Circus

Stiltwalkers, French / Can Can / Circus / Red & Black Theme

Fabulous new stilt characters are extra tall and sure to make a fabulous addition to your event. Perfect for Parisienne, Can Can themes or Circus style events


Hang onto your watch, someone might 'borrow' it!

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Professor Crump

Stiltwalker, Circus / Kid's Parties Theme

Excellent Children's entertainer, clown, stiltwalker, jester

Ring Master and Dolly

Stiltwalkers, Fire Eating / Bubbles / Circus Theme

These colourful characters can perform with dolly on strings, can both be on stilts, or both options. Fire performance and bubbles bring a smile to all!

Ringleader & Tiger

Stiltworkers, Circus / Jungle / Kid's Parties Theme

The perfect circus accessories for your event, watch the tigress leap to the crack of the whip.


Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Amazing silhouette portraits cut in a matter of seconds!

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Snake Dancers

Fabulous, exotic and hypnotic snake dancers to add mystery to your event..

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Circus / Aerial / Trapeze

Join us in the Speakeasy and forget about prohibition!