Halloween Themed Party

Having a Halloween Party?  A Halloween Themed Event?  Or even some Gothic Gorgeousness :)

We at Classique have some curiously odd and ever so scary ideas for Halloween Themed Events...

Things that can go bump in the night generally do with this lovely lot - lots of deviliciously scrumptious Halloween Party ideas...

Giant LED Star and performer

Christmas Theme / Corporate / LED / Halloween

Standing at over 10ft tall our free-standing rig shaped as an LED star is truly out of this world. You don’t have to go to the moon to play amongst the stars, a...

Grey People

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Strange, sad, monochrome people creating a wistful tableaux..


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This grim reaper character perfect for Halloween, and even Christmas, in the style of death from "The Hog father".

Grim Reaper on stilts

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Don't be fooled by their appearance, damnation is the last thing on their minds - the most enthusiastic and engaging underworld denizens you could hope to...

Grimmest Reaper

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We all gotta go sometime, so let the grimmest of reapers decide whom and go with a smile..

Halloween Handbalancer

Handbalancer / Halloween / Clown / UK

Stunning and professional female circus artist who can provide acrobatic walkabout and a handbalancing act

Halloween Themed Living Table

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A slightly spooky Halloween themed Living Table ideal for scary Halloween events..

Halloween Witch

Fabulous, sparkly, Traditional Witch

'The Halloween Witch' is a chatty, cackling, child-friendly soul - very suitable for Family / Town centre Events and to enhance your Halloween, Harry Potter....

Halloween Workshops

Interaction / Audience Participation / Team Building

Creepy Creations ... make Haunted Houses, Spooky Castles, Witches, Wizards, Skeletons, Vampires, Ghosts and Aliens - such fun..

Heaven & Hell on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Devils & Angels / Heaven & Hell / Fire & Ice Theme

The good and the not quite so good..

Herman Munster

Herman Munster Lookalike / Movie Lookalike / Horror Theme / Halloween

The 'daddy' of the Munster family! Great for theme parties, photo shoots and Halloween!

High Bounders

Stiltwalkers, Bouncy Stilts / Sci Fi / Mad Max Theme

Bouncy stilts help these guys jump for the skies...

Horror Stunt - Van Helsing style

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Van Helsing, Vampires and other lovely things that go bump in the night!

Jack Skellington

Stilt Walker / Christmas / Halloween / Themed

This stiltwalking character takes his inspiration from Tim Burtons classic "Nightmare before Christmas". He is a firm favorite at Halloween events..

James Bond - Baron Samedi

Bond Theme / Halloween

Voodoo villain from Live and Let Die - with or without snakes! Perfect for James Bond events or even Halloween.

Lurch the Butler

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The Addams family favourite Butler can come and butle at your party!


Halloween / Aerial Artist

​Suspended - bound in chains of silk, the Marionette dances through the night as if possessed

Miss Havisham

Stiltwalker, Dickensian / Victorian / Halloween Theme

A slightly macabre but lovably eccentric old lady who is 8ft tall..

Mythical Creatures

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Sci-Fi Theme

The Mythical Creatures are a magical, interactive and unforgettable performance. Each creature comes complete with an Elf Herder who facilitates interaction.

Ocho the Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus Puppet / Inflatable / Walkabout / Festivals / Street Entertainment / Halloween / Worldwide / UK

​In a nutshell (or seashell), Ocho is an awe inspiring, giant, inflatable octopus puppet with 8 fully articulated legs.

Puppet Master and Puppet

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You will do as you are told..

Red Hot Devils on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Halloween Theme / Fire & Ice Theme / Heaven & Hell Theme / Red Theme / UK

​Mischevious imps here to help make your event roasting! Red hot and hellish on the dance floor!

Robotic Waiter

Sci Fi Theme / Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Meet & Greet

These robotic waiters are unique moving mannequins that move with slow precise robotics synchronised with a servo motor effect with each movement. Perfect for m...

Sally Nightmare

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This stiltwalking character is the love interest and companion of Jack Skellington (see above..!)