Halloween Themed Party

Having a Halloween Party?  A Halloween Themed Event?  Or even some Gothic Gorgeousness :)

We at Classique have some curiously odd and ever so scary ideas for Halloween Themed Events...

Things that can go bump in the night generally do with this lovely lot - lots of deviliciously scrumptious Halloween Party ideas...

Satanya & Bella Ze Bub

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Angels & Devils / Red Theme

A red she-devil, Satanya, causes hellish upheaval with her forked prong while her fiendish sister, Bella Ze Bub juggles knives, spins fire, and throws diablos h...


Stilt Walkers / Narnia / Ancient Greece / Christmas & Winter Theme

Austere, dignified and very regal, the Satyrs are half human, half goat characters.

She Devil & Mr Devil

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This walkabout pair are from the depths of hell!! This scary duo will bring out your dark side. Evil, sexy, mischievous and fun..

Silvia - Hula Hoop

LED Hoop / Fire Hoop / Dance / Contortionist / Circus

World class hula hoop artist also performing LED hoop and fire hoop and dance and contortion acts

Sorceress on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Halloween theme / Magic / Fantasy theme / UK

Our sorceress has spells for any occasion, she is on the side of the good and looks after the balance of good and evil! Might need some help with her spells ..

Surgeons on Stilts

Stilt Walkers / Medical Theme / Halloween / UK

These guys just love to operate, they are fully equipped with all the instruments, gadgets and surgical tools they need for any medical emergency!

The 'Flame' Group

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A seriously hot bunch of statues, for Halloween or Fire and Ice..

The Baron Samedis

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Voodoo / James Bond / Dr No Theme

These Lords of the Underworld bring luck and good fortune to those they meet on their walkabout..

The Collective

Halloween Theme / Scary Act / Horror Theme / Futuristic / Sci Fi Theme

​The Hive Queen and her two drones are a scout group sent by the Collective, to establish whether the human race is fit for assimilation - do you think you are?

The Devil

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Despite his cuddly red exterior and cheesy moves this enormous stilt character will have your soul in eternal torment..

The Goblins

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The Goblins have arrived! Prince Oddness and his servant Grotsick are questing to find a new Princess, auditioning members of the public they bring their topsy-...

The Gothic Witch

Will enhance any Halloween, Harry Potter or Gothic event

The Gothic Witch - a most dramatic costume with a full face mask and extraordinary headdress to give that really 'Spooky' effect.

The Harlequins

Halloween Theme / Scary Act / Horror Theme

Strange, mysterious and terrifying creatures, using psychology to both frighten and entertain guests.

The Master

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The master is a menacing character determined to scare you into submission with the help of his doll he controls with puppet strings..

The Mob

Flash Mobs / Dancing flash mobs / Dancing Waiters / Halloween Flashmobs / Outdoor mobs / Festival mobs / Promotions mobs / Mobs for large events

Everything about these surprise flash mob performances will thrill guests at every event - The Mob are experts at unexpected entertainment!

The Raven

Halloween / Specialty act

In there stepped a stately Raven of the saintly days of yore; Not the least obeisance made he; not a minute stopped or stayed he; But, with mien of lord or la...

The Scream Living Statue

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Amazingly fits rather well with a Halloween or Heaven & Hell theme... scary huh..

The Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood

Stiltwalkers, Halloween / Fairytale / Kid's Parties Theme

An unmistakable fairytale brought to life! With an arm span of 4m this gigantic wolf chases his prey (also on stilts) around your venue..

Trees Alive

Entertaining Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Garden Parties / Alice in Wonderland / Human Trees / UK

Sure to make any event blossom, these wonderful human trees are perfect for any event summer or Christmas!

Victorian Ghost Living Statue

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Perfect for Victorian / Edwardian / Dickensian themed events... and also Halloween

Voldemort Levitating Statue

Levitating Statue / Living Statue / Harry Potter / Halloween

Unique to Classique! This amazing Voldemort Levitating Statue is available for Harry Potter events - also perfect for Halloween!


Halloween Theme / Scary Act / Horror Theme

The VooBoos - Bone Daddy, Spider Bones, Mammy Bones and Gargirl arise from the dead, walking the earth once more...

Wicked Witch on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Halloween Theme / UK

Why hello my pretties! Esmeralda loves casting spells as she goes - eye of frog, tail of newt, her passion is magic! She cackles wickedly while she goes about h...

Witch Living Table

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Another spooky addition to Halloween events is this rather gorgeous Witch Living Table...