We are pleased to be able to offer you some amazing Lookalikes. These are people who really have an uncanny similarity to the real thing! 

Lurch the Butler

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The Addams family favourite Butler can come and butle at your party!

Mad Hatter

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A stunning and exact replication of the fabulous character created by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for lovely tea parties..

Madonna Tribute

Madonna Tribute

Lisa Antoinette is the U.K number one Madonna Tribute act as seen on TV & winner of "Best Female Pop Star Lookalike"

Marilyn Monroe


A stunning lookalike, Suzie has impersonated Marilyn all over the world..

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Lookalike & Tribute

"Mikki Jay is quite extrordinary as Michael Jackson, not only looking and sounding like him but also has the physical agility to execute his difficult danc...

Mr Big and His Henchmen

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Mr. Big runs the joint, and don’t you forget it. If, by any chance, you do forget it, his trusty henchmen are always eager to give your memory a little jog...

Mr T lookalike

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An amazing lookalike for the legendary Mr T from the 1970s cult hit 'The A Team'

Olivia Marsden - Meghan Markle Look-a-Like

Meet and Greet / Look-a-Likes / Corporate Events

Fabulous for Meet and Greet, Corporate Events and the 'wow' factor at parties

Ozzy Osbourne

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The rock god himself..


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An absolutely fabulous portrayal of Patsy!

Patsy & Edina

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Cavorting like teenagers and having a fabulous time - Patsy and Edina are a must for any party with aspirations..

Political - Bill Clinton

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A pretty good impersonator for the ex-president and happy to oblige at many events

Political - Cherie Blair

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Impress your guests with Cherie and Tony!

Political - George Bush

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The UK version of the US President!

Political - Margaret Thatcher

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Caroline really brings all the fun of the 'Iron Lady' to your party

Political - Tony Blair

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So like Tony in mannerisms, voice and looks..


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Amazing lookalike for the 'Artist Known As Prince'

Prince Charles

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Amazing similarity - in looks, voice, mannerisms and even the suit!

Prince William Lookalike

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Simon has been dubbed by the media as "the world's best Prince William lookalike". He is often mistaken in public for the future King and has a w...

Sarah Jessica Parker

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A trained catwalk model and has a wealth of experience as a Celebrity Lookalike of Sarah Jessica Parker

Sci-Fi Lookalikes

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Sci-Fi Theme

Dr Who or Star Wars characters come alive with these brilliant look-alkies

Sharon Osbourne

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The epitome of rock and glamour - Mrs Sharon Osbourne

Simon Cowell

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The UK's No 1 Simon Cowell lookalike - impress your guests with the top 'A-lister' - or for a judge on a music panel..

Smashie & Nicie

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The ultimate in Cool DJs!