We are pleased to be able to offer you some amazing Lookalikes. These are people who really have an uncanny similarity to the real thing! 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Tribute

New on the scene, Javaun is a great double for the ultra cool rapper

Sporting Lookalikes

Football mainly with a few extra sports stars to add to the mix.. (and not forgetting the WAGs)

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Star Trek - Patrick Stewart

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The face, voice, and physical presence of the Starship Enterprise’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard

SuBo Lookalike

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Hilarious lookalike for 'SuBo' (sadly can't sing)- as seen on Harry Hill's TV Burp

The Chippendoubles

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From Britain's Got Talent 2010, seven amazing lookalikes with an entertaining, fun and unique dance act

The Gangsters

Stiltwalkers, Bugsy Malone / Godfather / Prohibition / Gangsters & Molls Theme

You may meet Bugsy and Fingers the Chicago gangsters as they check you out and roll a few suckers.

The Satellites

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A truly phenomenal 11-piece band whose credentials are literally awesome (including amazing singer from Basement Jaxx)!

The Scousers

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Dean and friend happily will bring a bit of Liverpool to your party

Tim Nice but Dim

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Terribly Hooray Henry, but a bloody nice bloke...

US President - 1st Lady - Michelle Obama

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Jenis is an excellent lookalike for the new 1st lady in the US

Uncle Albert

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Along with Del Boy (Stefan Feix) - bring a bit of Peckham to your party (during the war...)

Walter White lookalike

Walter White lookalike / Breaking Bad / Movie Lookalike

An incredible lookalike for the infamous Walter White from Breaking Bad...

Will Smith

Will Smith Tribute

Amazing similarity to Will Smith - sings, raps and moves like Will! Not only but also some of Will's great movie characters - eg Hancock!

Willie Wonka

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A scrumdiddlyumptious characterisation of Willie Wonka,with balloon modelling and delicious pocket magic with sweets!

Winston Churchill

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Bring an extra dimension to your event with the witty, amiable and larger-than-life presence of a Winston Churchill lookalike.

X-Factor tribute

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At last an opportunity to bring an exciting live (tribute!) version of The X Factor to your very own venue, complete with judges!