Meet & Greet

Elvis Cleaning Company

Walkabout, Music / 1950s / 1960s / Rock n Roll / Professions / Domestic Theme

'Highly efficient and dedicated - spread the word - 'Cleanliness is next to Presliness'

Emotional Security

Walkabout, Comedy Meet & Greet / Security Guards / Bouncers Theme

Sometimes what the public needs is a nice cup of tea and a cuddle. These sensitive guys are ever vigilant.

EyeArt - Your Eye....As Art

Unique / Personal / Photography

Have you ever looked closely at your own eye? If you do, you will discover a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour.

Felix & Felix

Walkabout, Street / Juggling / Penny Farthing / Victorian / Circus Theme

Felix & Felix Brent, the English Gents - Victorian themed twins, with Penny Farthing riding, juggling, and chat, all to the accompaniment of period, (and not...

Flag Dance

Glorious colours, National Flags, Gold, Silver with LED or monochrome - high impact dance or walkabout

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Flash Mob

Walkabout, Surprise Dance Group / Surprise Singers Theme

We can provide the phenomenon of the 21st century internet craze that is, the Flash Mob!..

Flying Carpets

Walkabout, Arabian Knights / Magic / Fairytale / Victorian Theme

From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers Ruby Murry and Baba Ganush on their magical flying carpets. These colorful, comic characters demonstrat...

Frosty Fairy

Christmas Theme / Wonderland Theme / Narnia Theme / Fire & Ice

Stunning and contemporary costumes for these 'living statues' that add a new and exciting dimension to any themed event

Giant LED Star and performer

Christmas Theme / Corporate / LED / Halloween

Standing at over 10ft tall our free-standing rig shaped as an LED star is truly out of this world. You don’t have to go to the moon to play amongst the stars, a...

Gossiping Mannequins

Living Statue / Comedy Human Statues / Fashion Theme

They might be dummies, but posing around all day gets boring...


Something different for a company or private party - through your handwriting, discover what hidden skills, qualities and talents you have..

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Green Finger Folk

Meet and Greet / Gardening / Summer

Two huge topiary bushes nestled in gigantic terracotta pots - this is horticulture on a grand scale


Animal Theme / Walkabout

Humanimal is the best way to entertain your guests if you look to bring the "Wild" dimension to your Event! Completely stunning recreation of wild and...

Living Hedge Men

Entertaining Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Garden Parties / Alice in Wonderland / Human Trees / UK

​Have a tree hug with some amazing real life Hedge Men! Introducing one of the planet’s most quirky, outrageous and downright silly walkabout entertainment acts...

Living Statues

Beautiful and mesmerising statues to enhance any theme or event

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Living Tables / Human Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables are an amazing way to meet and greet your guests for any corporate event, private party and particularly Themed Event.

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Circus / Aerial / Freestanding Aerial Artist

Loopla is an innovative and beautiful new concept in freestanding aerial performance..

Lumi Liquid Light Living Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / LED Living Tables

These Lumi Liquid Light Stilt Walkers and Living Tables use the latest technology in woven illuminated fabric which radiates and glows with glorious light, addi...


Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

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Man in a Box

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

Internationally regarded as the world's only living man in a box. He scuttles about meeting and greeting...

Marilyn Monroe


A stunning lookalike, Suzie has impersonated Marilyn all over the world..

Mermaid Living Table

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Celesta the Mermaid living table has emerged from her Underwater kingdom and is a wonderful vision to meet your guests on arrival at your event.


Tropical theme / Seaside Theme / Land or in Water / UK

Stunning 'real life' Mermaids available to dazzle crowds with spectacular performances both on land and underwater to have guests bubbling with excitement..


Moving or static, electronic, themed, French, walkabout, dancing - but rarely do they speak..

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