Meet & Greet

Old Waiting Staff

Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

Ancient, decrepit and dusty servants attend the assembled dinner guests, slowly collecting up cutlery and tableware...

Olympic Showgirls and Boys

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Olympic and British Themed Show Boys and Girls - for all your hospitality needs from meeting and greeting your guests on the red carpet

Olympic Torch

Olympic Theme

Originally created for the 2012 Olympics and now a fabulous addition for Meet & Greet or the new 2016 Olympics

Olympic themed Optioscopes

Dance Walkabout / Danceabout / Street Entertainment

Capturing the drama and energy of the Olympic Games, this unique, unforgettable and energetic act is performed by a powerful team of skilled dancers..

Organ Grinder & Monkey

Comedy Street Entertainment / Victorian Theme / Christmas

A juggling organ grinder, not sure who is doing all the hard work! One of our favourite street performers with yet another incarnation.. (not a real monkey!!)


Wonderful and intricate paper creations cut before your eyes for you to take away..

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Meet & Greet / Movie Theme / 1940s Theme / Hollywood Theme

'In your face' 1940's spoof Paparazzi are guaranteed to make your guests feel like movie stars as soon as they enter the building..

Queenie & Prince Charming

Comedy Statues & Walkabout / Victorian Theme / Royal Theme

Off with his head! Blackadder comes to your event, great as statues or walkabout, these regal characters can be more serious if required..

Ribbon Dance

From Chinese to silver, electric and all the colours of the rainbow..

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Rich Beggars

Comedy 'Sitabout'!

Dressed up to the nines, these fat cats have fallen on hard times. "Spare ten thou..?"

Robotic Waiter

Sci Fi Theme / Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Meet & Greet

These robotic waiters are unique moving mannequins that move with slow precise robotics synchronised with a servo motor effect with each movement. Perfect for m...


Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Royal Footmen

Comedy Meet & Greet / Royal Theme / British Theme

With light humour, gentle wit, mime and lavish costumes, these footmen bring a touch of class to any event..


Showgirls / Dancers / James Bond Theme / Hollywood & Vegas Theme

Absolutely gorgeous Showgirls to meet and greet your guests or for a fabulous dance performance


Amazing silhouette portraits cut in a matter of seconds!

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Silver & Gold Stars

Fun walkabout / Valentine Theme / Movie Theme / Christmas Theme

Fun, bubbly characters - the Silver and Gold Star Walkabout Act are available to hand out roses, chocolates, messages, engagement rings, and any other surprise....

Sky Muffins

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet / Air Theme

The Sky Muffins take you to a place where exclusivity is made ever more personal. Get ready for take-off and rediscover the romance of flying once again.. Faste...


Every kind of theme and every kind of costume and even bouncy ones!

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Swan Lake Ballerinas Strolling Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / LED Living Tables

Not just a strolling table but a beautiful lit table! These wonderful Swans are contained within circular, glass like tables creating an exciting and exclusive...

The 'Queen'

Comedy Walkabout / Royal Theme / British Theme / Sporting Theme

Her Majesty always enjoys a party and will graciously open/close the event and even the guests...

The Autograph Hunters

Comedy Walkabout / Movie Theme / Hollywood Theme

A gang of star struck anoraks who can spot celebrities in any crowd..

The Decrepit Butlers

Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

A touch of class required? Good dress and etiquette explained? Tireless and resourceful butlers of the old school...

The LEDs

Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic Theme

Mirra Bella is a walking, dancing human mirror ball, she is covered in thousands of mirrored tiles and quite literally glows. She also comes with her own light....

The Legwarmerz

Comedy Street Entertainment, Walkabout / Sports / Aerobics / UK

The Legwarmaz are comedy aerobics instructors valiantly trying to infect members of the public with their special brand of fitness-fun (and just a little bit of...