Business And Keynote Speakers

Choose a business motivational speaker or keynote speaker to address your business meeting or conference and empower your audience to overcome their challenges and capitalise on their opportunities

Adam Morgan

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK

Adam is a true thought-leader in marketing and innovation. In his best selling book, ''Eating the Big Fish'' he developed the idea of the Challenger Brands

Adam Shaw

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK

Award winning financial reporter and presenter from Radio 4 Today, Working Lunch, Financial World Tonight and more and a very busy conference facilitator / Host

Adrian Webster

Keynote / Motivational speaker / UK

Keynote motivational speaker, best selling business author and creator of Polar Bear Pirates - 'Inspiring ordinary people to make a very real difference'

Alex Thompson

Motivational / TV Anchor / Journalist

An award-winning correspondent and anchor on ITN's Channel 4 News.

Andy Bounds

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK

Andy is corporate trainer, an international speaker and a best-selling author. His expertise lies in helping business leaders, sales people and large organisati...

BJ Cunningham

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK

A successful entrepreneur, charismatic speaker and acknowledged thought leader in the field of branding and brand marketing.

Ben Brown

TV / Keynote Speaker / UK

Ben Brown is the presenter of the peak time evening news programme on BBC News 24 Weekdays, foreign reporter, author, speaker and host

Benjamin Cohen

TV / Keynote Speaker / IT Tech / UK

Dot Com Entrepreneur, C4 Technology Correspondent and Business Speaker

Chad Dick

Business / Keynote Speaker / International

US based marketing guru and partner for Eat Big Fish with 15 years of building, managing and creating Challenger brands inside large global companies

Colonel Bob Stewart DSO

Military / Keynote Speaker / UK

European Business Speaker of the Year 2008. The first British United Nations Commander in Bosnia

Damian Reece

Business / Keynote Speaker / Journalist / UK

Group Head of Business for Telegraph Media Group.

David Bull

TV / Medical / Keynote Speaker / UK

Award-winning television presenter, medical doctor and well-known public-figure and a sought after speaker, awards presenter and conference host

David Davies OBE

Motivational / Sports / TV / FA

Former Executive Director of the Football Association following 22 years as a BBC correspondent and presenter

David Mellor

Awards host / Sports / TV / Politics

Former MP, Broadcaster, Journalist and After-Dinner Speaker

Deborah Hall

Motivational / TV / Journalist

Deborah is a journalist and broadcaster who has carved out a unique career in corporate business presentations.

Dominic Alldis

Motivational / TV / Music

a jazz pianist, conductor and motivational speaker. Since 2000, he has been using music to create powerful learning experiences for people in business.

Doug Richard

Business Speaker / Motivational Speaker / Keynote Speaker / Dragons Den

One of the 'angels' from Dragons Den and a forward thinking entrepreneur

Dr David Lewis

Motivational Speaker / Conference Host

A psychologist, author, broadcaster and one of the most dynamic motivational speakers in the country

Dr Mike Stroud OBE

Motivational / Nutritional / Adventurer

Dr Mike Stroud is an adventurer and world authority on endurance and nutrition

Ellis Watson

Motivational / Business / Keynote

Ellis Watson's most recent role was as CEO of Syco Entertainment, the joint venture between Simon Cowell and Sony. Ellis was responsible for global develop...

Eve Pollard OBE

Motivational / TV / Journalist

Eve a former editor of the Sunday Mirror and the Sunday Express, the first women to hold the posts and is greatly sought after for talking-head programmes.

Frank Dick OBE (Dr)

Motivational / Sports / Well-being

Former British Olympic Coach and an extraordinary speaker with the power to inspire and motivate audiences

Gary McCausland

Awards Host / TV / Property

The straight-talking presenter of Five's flagship property programme How to be a Property Developer (now in it's third series).

Gavin Esler

Awards / TV / Journalist / Business

Gavin is one of the main presenters on BBC 2s Newsnight and an excellent Facilitator, Speaker and Conference Chair