Economics, Finance Speakers

The world economy, investments, asset management, emerging markets, financial journalism

Adam Shaw

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK

Award winning financial reporter and presenter from Radio 4 Today, Working Lunch, Financial World Tonight and more and a very busy conference facilitator / Host

Benjamin Cohen

TV / Keynote Speaker / IT Tech / UK

Dot Com Entrepreneur, C4 Technology Correspondent and Business Speaker

Chris Huhne

Economics / Politics / Travel

Chris is an immensely knowledgeable and credible political speaker, passionate about environmental issues both in developing countries and established economies...

Jamie Robertson

Business Economics / Keynote Speaker / UK

Highly experienced presenter of business programmes for the BBC, specialising in international finance, business and economics lead presenter on the BBC World

Liam Halligan

Business Economics / Keynote Speaker / Politics / UK

Previous Chief Economist at Prosperity Capital Management, multi award winning financial journalist, respected and sought after host and speaker

Lord Christopher Monckton

Environment / Motivational / Economics

An expert economist, inventor of Suduko-X, an expert on climate change and previous government economic advisor

Michael Imeson

Business / Keynote / Economics

Contributing Editor of The Banker, Associate Editor for Financial Times Global Events, writer, conference speaker specialising in financial services

Niall Ferguson

Motivational / TV / History / Business

A Scottish historian, Professor of History at Harvard University and senior fellow of the Hoover Institution Stanford University.

Professor Richard Scase

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK / Europe

Europe's Leading Business Strategist & Author of Global Remix and is one of the world's leading business forecasters

Roger Bootle

Business / Keynote / Economics

One of the City of London's best known economists and a leading authority on the world's economy

Tim Harford

Business / Keynote / Economics / TV and Radio host

Economist, award-winning journalist and speaker, TV and radio personality, and bestselling author