History & Warfare Speakers

Experts on history, warfare, espionage and resistance..

Dr Thomas Dixon

History / Warfare / Sociology

Dr Thomas Dixon is an academic historian, writer and broadcaster with expertise about the Victorian period and in the new field of the history of emotions.

Niall Ferguson

Motivational / TV / History / Business

A Scottish historian, Professor of History at Harvard University and senior fellow of the Hoover Institution Stanford University.

Nick Conrad

Awards Host / Conference Host / TV Presenter

Journalist, broadcaster and writer

Professor Christopher Clark

History / Warfare / Sociology

Professor of Modern European History at St Catharine's College, Cambridge. He teaches and writes on various themes across the field of modern history.

Stefan Buczacki

TV Gardening / TV Presenter / Awards Host

A TV and radio presenter and author of ovr 50 books. Stefan specialises in Gardening programmes and also British political history..