IT / Emerging Technology / Futurists / Innovation / Entrepreneurs

IT Gurus, Futurologists, IT Consultants, Authors, Dot Com Entrepreneurs, Innovation, Breaking Market Barriers and more

Adrian Webster

Keynote / Motivational speaker / UK

Keynote motivational speaker, best selling business author and creator of Polar Bear Pirates - 'Inspiring ordinary people to make a very real difference'

Benjamin Cohen

TV / Keynote Speaker / IT Tech / UK

Dot Com Entrepreneur, C4 Technology Correspondent and Business Speaker

Daniel Burrus

Keynote Speaker / Futurist / Entrepreneur

Highly successful entrepreneur and one of the World's Leading Futurists on Global Trends and Innovation.

EyeArt - Your Eye....As Art

Unique / Personal / Photography

Have you ever looked closely at your own eye? If you do, you will discover a fascinating galaxy of pattern and colour.

Ian Angell (Professor)

Computers / Keynote Speaker / UK

Europe's leading IT Guru and Futurologist. Professor of Information Systems at the London School of Economics

Ian Goldin

Finance / Keynote Speaker / UK

A global futurist, Ian is a first rate speaker on a range of topics including future trends in science, technology, climate change and demography, and the impac...

James Bellini (Dr)

Business Economics / Keynote Speaker / UK

A leading business analyst and futurologist with considerable experience as a thought-provoking speaker and moderator at management conferences around the world

Matthew Poyiadgi

Motivational / Keynote / Lifestyle

Keynote Business Speaker. The Future - Change, Technology and People - Our New World.

Michael Smith

TV / Keynote Speaker / IT Tech / UK

The dynamic young entrepreneur who founded the gadget company 'Firebox'. Michael is an inspirational and charismatic speaker in the field of electronics

Peter Fisk

Inspirational Speaker / Innovation / Marketing / Brands

A global thought leader, bestselling author, inspiring speaker and founder and CEO of GeniusWorks. A brand, innovation and marketing expert.

Professor Richard Scase

Business / Keynote Speaker / UK / Europe

Europe's Leading Business Strategist & Author of Global Remix and is one of the world's leading business forecasters

Scott Bales

Speaker / Technology / Innovation / Culture / Design

​A technology guru, Scott Bales is a global leader in the cutting edge arena known as "The Digital Shift", encompassing innovation, culture, design & technology

Stephen Attenborough

Speaker / Technology / Innovation / Space Travel / Business Start-Ups

Commercial Director for Virgin Galactic,