1920's / The Great Gatsby / Prohibition / Roaring Twenties

From New Orleans to Gershwin and The Great Gatsby - relive the era of the flapper!

We are delighted to be able to provide some fabulous Great Gatsby Entertainment and Great Gatsby ideas for your forthcoming events.

Gatsby entertainment and 1920's parties have been popular before but are now absolutely back in vogue!

Recreate the Roaring Twenties with fabulous costumes, amazing entertainers, great music, flappers and sometimes something just a little oh la la!

Showgirls in White / Silver

Showgirls / Dancers / James Bond Theme / Hollywood & Vegas Theme / Meet & Greet

Fabulous showgirls in White and Silver costumes, perfect for meet and greet.

Silk Street

Jazz / New Orleans Jazz/ Christmas Theme

Could be the best New Orleans band outside of New Orleans & check out The Silk Street Santas!


Circus / Aerial / Trapeze

Join us in the Speakeasy and forget about prohibition!

The Casablanca Steps

Vocal / Comedy / 1920's Theme

Authentic 20s & 30s recreated by 4 rather spiffing chaps - cabaret extraordinaire

The Dapper Chaps

Christmas / Winter Theme / Victorian / Dickensian / 1920's / Themed

A comedy character based act featuring Reginald 'tic toc' Monty Montgomery IV and Quentin 'bang on' Bladderhasit Caruthers III.

The Dapper Drivers

Stiltwalkers, 1920s / Racing / Automotive / Sport / Grand Prix Les Mans Theme

Tally Ho Old Chap! These hot blooded and fearless racing gentlemen speed out of the 1920's bringing the spirit of the golden age of motor racing

The Flappers

1920's Dance Group, Charleston / Prohibition / Gatsby

Gorgeous dancers 1920's style, perfect for meet and greet, dance performance and getting clients on the dance floor!

The Gangsters

Stiltwalkers, Bugsy Malone / Godfather / Prohibition / Gangsters & Molls Theme

You may meet Bugsy and Fingers the Chicago gangsters as they check you out and roll a few suckers.

The Gershwin Gang

Jazz/ UK

Traditional and excellent trio or quartet playing jazz classics From Mac the Knife to Moondance

The Hot Potato Syncopators

Vocal / comedy / Jazz / 1920's-1940's

A comedy swing whoopee band featuring a brace of ukuleles, musical saw and tea-chest bass played by three eccentric English gentlemen. Tip top jazz!

The Wild Tonics

Gatsby / 1920's / Vocal

New and very glamorous Great Gatsby style vocal trio - their music is a fusion of current hits, killer harmonies, all finished off with a vintage twist!

Top Shelf Jazz

1920's / Gatsby / Jazz Band

Prohibition jazz played as it should be: fast and louche! Original numbers in the 1920's /1930's style from Harlem swing, gypsy jazz and British dance-floor

Vegas Showgirls

Dance / Vegas Theme / Themed Events / TV / UK

Fabulous dance group with amazing themes, costumes and routines including Showgirls from TV's Dancing On Ice

Verity & Violet

Harmony Duo / 1920's / 1930's / 1940's 1950's / Swing / Jazz / Blues / Themed / Vintage / Wedding

A sparkling vintage-inspired singing duo, mixing the old with the new.