Black And White

Sharp, striking, sophisticated but most of all spectacular..

Snow Globe

Snow Globe / Christmas Entertainment / Winter Wonderland / Corporate

As if in a dream these acrobats perform a mesmerising routine completely encased in a giant inflatable snow globe.

Star & Moon on Stilts

Christmas / Winter Theme / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

Shimmering white, celestial beings. Star and Moon are perfect for adding sparkle and beauty to all kinds of winter events.

The Debutants Ball

Dance / Themed Events / UK

Thrilling ensemble performance in an exquisite arrangement of modern dance and rhythmic gymnastics. As dance-about or a staged piece..

The LEDs

Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic Theme

Mirra Bella is a walking, dancing human mirror ball, she is covered in thousands of mirrored tiles and quite literally glows. She also comes with her own light....

The Optioscopes

Danceabout / Christmas / Meet & Greet / Fire & Ice / Silver / Stilt Walkers

An amazing new act who are a 'dance-about', dazzling your guests with stunning, LED encrusted silver and gold costumes.

The Stalkers

Stiltwalkers, Butoh / Yoga / Oriental / Eastern / B&W / Animal Theme

Silent, seemingly serious characters, whose slow, sensuous, staccato movement is inspired by yoga and Butoh..

The Zebras

Meet and Greet / Jungle Theme / Walkabout / UK

Just what you need if you are looking for Animal / Zoo / African / Black and White stiltwalkers or even to just bring the surreal to your event.

Top Hat Girls

Stiltwalking, Dance / 1920s / Cabaret / Chicago / Films / B&W Theme

Classy and stylish with a conservative edge. These gorgeous girls on stilts are door girls with style and make the perfect meet and greet couple

Top Hat Man

Stiltwalker, Engagement / Wedding / Cabaret / Dance / Musicals Theme

Likely to be the tallest man seen in Top Hat and Tails at any party..

Top and Tails

Stiltwalkers, Dance / Cabaret / Musicals / Black Tie Events

Elegant, classic and timeless characters suit any corporate or private event. Frequently used at black tie events as meet and greet hosts, and have to serve can...

Venetian Masquerade

Meet and Greet / Themed Events

These extremely popular masquerade characters are perfect for your Venetian event with detailed costumes exquisitely made from heavy damask and velvet lace

White Snow Girls

Stilt Walkers / Christmas / Winter Wonderland / Ice / Vegas / White Theme

White show-girl inspired costumes available with or without the snowflakes. For Christmas or any white-themed event.

White Swans - The London Stilt Ballet

Stiltwalkers, Dance / Ballet / Nutcracker / Christmas / Fairytale / White Theme

Discover the grace, elegance and vertical elevation of the incredible London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes...