Whisk yourself back in time and relive fun and excitement from history.. Let's Party like it's 1399!     We can offer not just amazing, authentic, interactive and hilarious performers but also offer superb catering and suggest some excellent venues.

We can also decorate your room with authentic banners, flags, shields, table runners & even paintings. We can also supply stocks (for feet) and pillories (for hands), and even have a cartwheel or two for rustic effect.  We also have the most amazing more than full size Knight in Armour for hire (Norman to his friends).


We suggest that your function is run by a Medieval Chamberlain / MC who will make sure everything runs smoothly but also brings a lot of Wit and Banter and mayhaps a little Ribaldry to the occasion!

They are always accompanied by 2 or 3 Medieval Minstrels in authentic costume who play a multitude of different period instruments (however, some of the musicians can sometimes double as the MC)

Your guests could also be greeted by Knights in armour andtrumpeters.

The Knights could Joust during the event, with the knights own squires encouraging the guests to support their 'master' - either good or not so good!

Also Fire Eaters, Jesters and Medieval Magicians, Serving Wenches and Jugglers, Acrobats and Stiltwalkers, Indoor Falconers, Sword Swallowers and even Morris Dancers are all also part of an amazing night of pageantry.

Medieval Banners, Flags & Props for hire

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We have some wonderful Medieval Banners for hire, all to authentic styles and designs in flax, hessian, linen and cotton materials - also St Georges Flags, tabl...

Bring Out Your Dead

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A comic street theatre walkabout act which includes two or three performers and a medieval cart..

Christmas Jesters

Christmas Theme / Walkabout / Stilts / Jugglers

Perfect entertainers and one of the most flexible walkabouts available performing as stilts, juggling, unicycle and more..

Dave Moylan

Street Magician / Meet and Greet / Comedy Magician / UK

Medieval Magician and entertainer (and quite nifty with a guillotine)..

Fire Knights

Meet and Greet / Historical Theme

The Knights, masters of fire and flame, perfect for getting your event started with flair!

Gallant Knights

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The clash of arms and shouts of noble insults often precedes the arrival of the chivalrous Knights of Wuthering. By sword, shield, lance or mace they will defen...

Gargoyle Plinth Living Statue

Living Statue / Victorian Theme / Halloween / Medieval / Harry Potter

A kinda cute gargoyle perfect for Medieval or Halloween themed events..

Gargoyle Stone Living Statues

Living Statue / Victorian Theme / Halloween / Medieval / Harry Potter

Perfect for Medieval or Halloween themed events..

Hodman & Sally

Walkabout / Festival / Unique / UK

The delightfully captivating Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, a wee pair of wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia...

Justyn Time

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A Medieval style Juggler / Jester - fire juggling, crystal manipulation & juggling, rope walking...

Kaos the Jester

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For fun, frolics, juggling, stilts, fire, merriment and more!

Medieval Fighting Knights

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Whether a fight for a ladies honour, a duel between Sir Lancelot and Mordred or the traditional St George vs the Turkish Knight, our medieval knights provide sp...

Medieval Lady on Magical Unicorn

Medieval / Walkabout

This wonderful Medieval Lady on her Magical Unicorn is searching for her gallant and shining knight - will she find him? Does he exist? (mmmm....

Medieval Puppet Theatre

Medieval / Walkabout / Puppet Theatre

A fun medieval puppet show with hand and walkabout puppets

Robert Freeman - Jester

Medieval / Jesters / Juggling / Fire

A Master Of Magic and Mirth - fire eating, magic, juggling and general jollity!

The Jesters

Walkabout / Jesters / Christmas / Medieval / Acrobats / Multi-skilled / Circus Acts / UK

The Jesters are a pair of comic acrobats, with stunning costumes of antique leather and crushed velvet.

Timid Vikings of Reknaestuff

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Hellbent on apologising for all their ancestors' wrongdoing these extremely friendly and sympathetic Norse people don't destroy the towns and villages...

Tony Heales Singing Reindeer

Christmas Theme / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

Wonderful fun with either the Singing Reindeer or as a Medieval Stilt Walker in festive mode.