Seaside / Nautical Theme

Life on the ocean wave...

Acro Chaps

Acrobatic / Themed / Victorian / Walkabout / 1920's

Absolutely spiffing (and moustached!) acrobats who offer a wide selection of very interactive and entertaining walkabout acrobatic acts.

Admiral Lord Nelson

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Superb living statue of the country's most accomplished seaman..

Aerial Mermaids

Freestanding Anchor / Nautical Theme / UK

Perfect for any nautical, sea-themed event, someone looking for something unique or anyone who simply loves mermaids!

All At Sea

Walkabout, Water Skiing / Swimming / Fishing / Boats / Nautical Theme

The debonair Captain Monty Montague pilots the cabin cruiser whilst towing his gorgeous water skiing wife Minty. A highly colourful and interactive drive-about...


Synchronised swimmers / Britain's Got Talent / International / UK

Stunning Synchronised swimming shows for corporate/private events

Bathing Belles

Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Nautical / 1920's / 1940's / Retro Theme

Our Bathing Belles, Betty and Flo, are off to the seaside for a brisk swim! They don't mind the weather, the beach is always a jolly place for a spot of fun.

Boatbuilding Workshop

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Lots of fun for kids building boats, pirates and even the occasional parrot..

Cabin Fever - Pirate Show

Walkabout, Circus / Pirates / Nautical / Peter Pan Theme

Join Captain Bullock and Bosun Bell for maritime mayhem, magic and mirth. A nautical extravaganza of eccentric experiments.

Captain Clueless

Stiltwalker, Pirates of the Carribbean / Treasure Island / Nautical Theme

Introducing the world's stupidest pirate, accompanied by his repetitive puppet parrot (easy for you to say)...

Caribbean Pirates

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Real Swash and Buckle with these Pirates, me hearty! An exciting Pirate scenario performed by professional stuntmen (and ladies) and not forgetting Cap'n J...

Clumbsy The Clown

Clown / Balloon Modeller / Children's Entertainer / Pirate

An experienced and fun clown (and also brilliant balloon modeller!), Clumbsy has been performing all over England since 1993.

Dastardly Pirates

Stilt Walkers / Seaside Theme / Pirate Theme / UK

Arrrrrrrrrr me hearties! Always look'n for treasure 'cause, X marks the spot! Shiver me timbers this pair are wonderful for indoors or outdoors.

Deathrow Jethro

Stiltwalker, Pirates of the Carribean / Treasure Island / Seaside / Nautical Theme

Fierce 8 ft high, retired sea captain with a peg leg. He is a big softy really! With Polly his psychic plastic parrot he gently pokes fun at his audience.

Deep Sea Divers

Walkabout, Under the Sea / Nautical / Diving / Captain Nemo Theme

Descend to the depths with the jovial deep sea divers..

HMJ Ship Shape (Her Majesty's Jugglers)

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Two juggling sailors in a jaunty, comedy, nautical style, who can perform ground based or as stiltwalkers, stilts cyclists or on the incredible micro tandem (on...

Hello Sailor

Walkabout / Seaside Theme / UK

Features a miniature electrically powered speed boat captained by an old nautical seadog camping it up on the high seas..

Hello Sailorettes!

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Flag Spectacular! All aboard and flags ahoy! The Hello Sailorettes, serving their country with a fast, sharp and sassy flag show..

Hodman & Sally

Walkabout / Festival / Unique / UK

The delightfully captivating Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, a wee pair of wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia...


Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Travel Events / UK

The shipwrecked Captain and Boatswain's mate have been adrift since 1786 and are more than a little confused

Lobsters on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Seaside Theme / UK

The Lobsters come in any combination, as couple Claude and Shelly, or two sexy lady lobsters, Sandy & Marina - perfect for any aquatic theme.

Meet The Funnels

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Captain Carbuncle', 'The Very Sweet Fanny Adams' and 'Colonel Cognac' have set sail aboard the Three Funnels and are seeking new advent...

Mermaid Living Table

Meet and Greet / Themed Events / Living Tables

Celesta the Mermaid living table has emerged from her Underwater kingdom and is a wonderful vision to meet your guests on arrival at your event.

Mermaiden Show

Mermaiden / Aerial Show / Water Theme / Seaside theme / Show or Hangabout

See this stunning mythical creature duck and dive between a net of ropes. As she floats in her watery home this seductive siren performs astonishing feats of ae...


Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Water / Fantasy

Stunning stilt creatures from the depths of the ocean, with light up LED costumes. Also available as aerialists.