Seaside / Nautical Theme

Life on the ocean wave...


Tropical theme / Seaside Theme / Land or in Water / UK

Stunning 'real life' Mermaids available to dazzle crowds with spectacular performances both on land and underwater to have guests bubbling with excitement..

Mermaids on stilts

Stilt Walkers / Seaside / Water Theme / UK

​The Sirens of the deep, mysterious and enigmatic. These Water sprites are interested in everything in this strange dry land!

Ocho the Giant Octopus

Giant Octopus Puppet / Inflatable / Walkabout / Festivals / Street Entertainment / Halloween / Worldwide / UK

​In a nutshell (or seashell), Ocho is an awe inspiring, giant, inflatable octopus puppet with 8 fully articulated legs.

Octopus Ocean

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Perching high on top of a tricycle vessel, a giant Octopus steers through the crowd, pedalling with her twisted tentacles. She propels into a rocky outcrop cove...

Pink Sailor Girls on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Beach Parties / 1940's / Seaside / Nautical Theme

Aye aye Cap'n! Cheeky buoyant smiles and seafaring charm helps 'em make sure everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion!

Pirates of Menspants

Street Entertainment / Pirate theme / Comedy / Nautical, Seaside / UK

Two dashing, bearded, sea-shanty singing pirates..

Sailors on Stilts

Stiltworkers, Seaside / Nautical / Navy Theme

Aye aye Cap'n! These sailors are looking to recruit some crew to sail around the world!

The Mariners

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Promenading statues - Five characters taken from turn of the century photographs finished to look like heavily corroded steel..

The Pirate Show

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A shambling, grizzled old pirate and his parrot Roger..

The Punt

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Two Oxbridge undergraduates descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt...

The Seagulls

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Totally surrealistic, with working beaks, they'll be rummaging in bags and pockets, stealing food from plates and picnic baskets, causing chaos as usual..

The Tritons

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The Sea Gods ride chariots made of shells and are carried by wonderful squirting Dolphins. With bubbles and sea sounds effects, don't miss these mythical G...

The Tub Men

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Two old aristocrats being carried by servants in a bath of water.. very very funny and wet too!!!

The Van Dunk Brothers

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The boys will delight crowds with their award-winning dry land synchronized swimming display..

The Whale

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Spectacular 50ft (18m) true to life, inflatable sperm whale, guarded by a noisy fishwife, who leads brave landlubbers (up to 25 adults and children) into its be...

Valkyrie Vikings

Stiltwalkers, Anglo Saxon / Nautical / History Theme

Helga, Olga and Vulgar are three Viking warriors in a dragon-head longboat. Armed to the blackened teeth with brazen breast-plates.

White Swans - The London Stilt Ballet

Stiltwalkers, Dance / Ballet / Nutcracker / Christmas / Fairytale / White Theme

Discover the grace, elegance and vertical elevation of the incredible London Stilt Ballet. Alternatively witness the ballerinas inflict classical master classes...