Sporting Themes

Footie, tennis and all sorts of glorious 'sporting' characters..

A Day at the Races

Stiltwalkers, Horse Racing / Ascot / Sport / Summer Theme

Fabulously costumed Ascot style stiltwalkers to enhance your 'Day at the Races'...

Anyone for Tennis?

Stiltwalkers, Tennis / Wimbledon / Sport / Summer Theme

Gorgeous, comedy tennis player stiltwalkers who didn't qualify for Wimbledon this year unfortunately...

Big Hatted Ladies

Walkabout, Ascot / Floral / Garden Centre Theme

A fulsome and fully floral ensemble with rather expensive chapeaux...

Bouncy Jockeys

Stiltwalkers, Bouncy Stilts / Horse Racing / Sport / Ascot / Summer Theme

These jockeys are on bouncy stilts which puts a whole new slant on the racing game!

British Bathers

Walkabout, British / Olympics / Jubilee / Swimming Theme

These colourful Union Jack Bathers, Best of British and of course Olympic squad Swimmers available for your event!

Colin Nell

Sport Football Freestyle / Motivational Performer / Coaching

No. 1 Football Freestyler & entertainer in Europe

Digital Event Paparazzi

Fake Paparazzi / Real Photographers / Celebrity Photographers

Give your guests the superstar treatment - it must be something special if the Paps are there! - NEW 'Paparazzi & Print' - take your photos away on the night...

Faty Footballers

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These characters deliver the laughs when the skinny guys give up..

Footballer Living Statue

Street Entertainment, Football / Sport Themes

This Footballer Living Statue is perfect for street entertainment, sporting themed events or just for that added wow factor

Giant Jockeys

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These characters deliver the laughs when the skinny guys give up..

Giant Olympic Warm Up Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Bubbles / Balloon Modelling / Exercise / Olympics / Sport Theme

The Giant Olympic Warm up stiltwalkers have been training hard and its now their time to shine! Complete with smiles and lots of bubbles...!

Giant Tennis

Stiltwalkers, Tennis / Wimbledon / Sport / Summer Theme

Standing 9 foot tall, 5 foot wide and squeezing in just less than one tonne. These characters deliver the laughs when the skinny guys give up!

Grecian Glamour - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalker / Carnival / Sporting Theme

Superb stiltwalkers perfect for Meet and Greet, Sporting or Olympic Themes.

Lord and Lady Goldwyn

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An Aristocratic socialite, who loves to mix it with the best!

Matt Barbet

Awards Host / Compere/ Motivational & After Dinner Speakers / Sports (Cycling)

Matt has written for The Independent, Monocle, Cycling Plus and currently has a monthly column in Bikes Etc. He has pedalled his way to completing the gruelling...

Motor Racing Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Grand Prix / Le Mans / Automotive / Sporting Themes

And they're off - fabulously costumed stiltwalkers to enhance any motor racing event

Olympic Athletes on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Tug of War / Olympics / Sporting / Theme

Great for welcoming audiences - these towering Athletes can carry the Olympic torch at your event - perfect for walkabout or stage

Olympic Themed Bronze Athletes & Statues

Living Statue / Olympic Theme

Slow motion, torch bearing Bronze athletes and statues perfect for Olympic and sporting events

Pedestrian Grand Prix

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Leg-powered racing cars compete for the Gold Cup accompanied by a live commentator..

Polo Player Living Statue

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Perfect for equestrian events or sporting days..

Royal Footmen

Comedy Meet & Greet / Royal Theme / British Theme

With light humour, gentle wit, mime and lavish costumes, these footmen bring a touch of class to any event..


Winners Britain's Got Talent 2010 / Acrobatics / Cabaret / Circus

Thirteen amazing and daredevil acrobats, aged from 12 to 24 - winners of Britain's Got Talent 2010

The 'Queen'

Comedy Walkabout / Royal Theme / British Theme / Sporting Theme

Her Majesty always enjoys a party and will graciously open/close the event and even the guests...

The Dapper Drivers

Stiltwalkers, 1920s / Racing / Automotive / Sport / Grand Prix Les Mans Theme

Tally Ho Old Chap! These hot blooded and fearless racing gentlemen speed out of the 1920's bringing the spirit of the golden age of motor racing