Venetian / Masquerade Balls

Relive the majesty, colour, excitement and secrecy of the masked Venetian Balls - ideas for Venetian Events, Masquerade Events and more..

Andy Bole

Guitar / Acoustic / World Music

An outstanding musician whose playing of the Bouzouki and Mandolin is in regular demand for many different events..

Champagne Canapé Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

A beautiful strolling table on wheels with interchanging slots from champagne to wine to canapés, perfect for meet and greet..

Duke & Duchess

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Venitian Theme / Royal Court / Masquerade / Marie Antoinette Theme

Bring a touch of elegance from bygone days to your event


Stiltwalkers, Venetian / Masquerade / Red & Black Themes

These Masquerade Jester characters are stunningly visual. Delightfully 17th century they will bring gasps of delight from your guests.

High Society - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / British Theme

Fun costumed characters that take you on a trip down memory lane to a bygone era and add an elegance and prestige to any modern day event

Incognito Living Statues

Christmas & Winter Theme / Living Statue / Venetian / Masquerade

An amazing array of beautiful Living Statues from Ice Queens to Oscars and Cupid...

La Masquerade

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A stunning stage act that can be tailored to include aerial, fire and music - fabulous for Masquerade or Venetian events..

Lord & Lady Bloom

Human Statue / Living Statue / Walkabout / Summer Theme / Flower & Gardening Theme / UK

​Human Statue/visual walkabout. This stunningly floral themed act contains over 2000 flowers giving it a vibrant & outstanding look.

Lord and Lady Goldwyn

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An Aristocratic socialite, who loves to mix it with the best!

Madame Ovary & Cecily Bumtrinket

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Renaissance / Rococo / Venetian / Masquerade Theme

Two lavishly dressed, 18th century powder-wigged women divulge court gossip..

Marie and Antoinette on stilts!

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Renaissance / Rococo / Venetian / Masquerade Theme

Not one but two - perfect for Rococo or Renaissance. Marie and Antoinette playfully bat their eyelashes at any eligible gents

Masked Showgirl Living Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet / LED

The living tables make a unique centre piece at any corporate or private event. Excellent for Meet & Greet, the tables can be used for serving cocktails, ha...

Masquerade Statue

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The fabulously detailed costume is authentic to the last detail. Beautifully rich, heavy fabrics and huge plumes of feathers create an opulent, decadent look.

Royal Footmen

Comedy Meet & Greet / Royal Theme / British Theme

With light humour, gentle wit, mime and lavish costumes, these footmen bring a touch of class to any event..

The Duke and Duchess on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / Marie Antoinette Theme

These magnificent costumes bring a regal meet & greet to any event

The Jesters

Walkabout / Jesters / Christmas / Medieval / Acrobats / Multi-skilled / Circus Acts / UK

The Jesters are a pair of comic acrobats, with stunning costumes of antique leather and crushed velvet.

The Peacocks

Stiltwalkers, Birds / Exotic / Garden Parties / Flower Shows / Jewellery Theme

The Peacocks are an absolutely exquisite act. Elegant both inside and out, the peacocks parade and will enchant your guests with their curious antics

The Porcelain Twins

Stilt Walkers / Winter / Christmas / Ice / Venetian / Masquerade / Carnival Theme

The Porcelain Twins are a sophisticated choice for adding something spectacular to your event. These graceful beauties stand 11 ft in the sky.

The Venetians

Stiltwalkers, Venetian / Masquerade / Carnival Theme

Eighteenth Century style Venetian stilt characters, beautifully designed with masks direct from Venice.

Venetian Dancers

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Enhance your party with professional dancers dressed in full Venetian ball gowns..

Venetian Masked Living Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

Also perfect for Parisienne events - can be static or strolling

Venetian Masked Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / Carnival Theme

Will match our Venetian Masked Living Table perfectly..

Venetian Masquerade

Meet and Greet / Themed Events

These extremely popular masquerade characters are perfect for your Venetian event with detailed costumes exquisitely made from heavy damask and velvet lace

Venetian Pompadours

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / Carnival Theme

Ideal for masked parades, elegant balls or events with a Venetian feel..