Meet And Greet

Be met at your event by Paparazzi, or Marilyn, or Magicians, or Gorillas or....


Robots / Sci-fi / Space Themes / Meet and Greet

'In space no one can hear you scream' we dare you to try not to!


Human Robot / Meet & Greet / Sci Fi Theme

Surely the most experienced 'human' robot available...


Magician/Close Up/Look-a-Like/Comedy Magic


Bay City Rollers Fan Club

Comedy Walkabout / 1970s Theme

70's teenybop hysteria is alive and well..


Meet and Greet / Native American / LED

This Glow-bird hybrid is based on Native American Pow Wow dance costumes and aims to raise the vibe on the dance floor by attracting the energy into the crowd.

Cowboys Last Round Up

US Theme / Comedy Walkabout / Wild West Theme

Dedicated to rounding up the last of the Urban Buffalo, these cowboys will never give up. 'Yee Haw!'


Robot / Sci-Fi / Space Theme / LED / Meet and Greet / UK

The incredible Cybo-Bot is the world's leading high-tech LED robot performer, an elite and in-demand character creation.

Darren de Lusion

Street Magician / Meet and Greet / Comedy Magician

‘Top’ street magician Darren de Lusion, and his long-suffering cameraman Barry bring street magic and glamour to your event.

Digital Event Paparazzi

Fake Paparazzi / Real Photographers / Celebrity Photographers

Give your guests the superstar treatment - it must be something special if the Paps are there! - NEW 'Paparazzi & Print' - take your photos away on the night...

Disco Bunny

Meet and Greet / Easter / Alice In Wonderland / Gardening / UK

Fabulous animated disco Bunny adapts well for meet and greet and themed events he loves to burst out some disco moves on the dance floor with guests as well

Duke & Duchess

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Venitian Theme / Royal Court / Masquerade / Marie Antoinette Theme

Bring a touch of elegance from bygone days to your event

Elvis Cleaning Company

Walkabout, Music / 1950s / 1960s / Rock n Roll / Professions / Domestic Theme

'Highly efficient and dedicated - spread the word - 'Cleanliness is next to Presliness'

Emotional Security

Walkabout, Comedy Meet & Greet / Security Guards / Bouncers Theme

Sometimes what the public needs is a nice cup of tea and a cuddle. These sensitive guys are ever vigilant.


Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Glo-borg is an immensely impressive stilts character from our range of robot characters.

Gossiping Mannequins

Living Statue / Comedy Human Statues / Fashion Theme

They might be dummies, but posing around all day gets boring...

High Society - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / British Theme

Fun costumed characters that take you on a trip down memory lane to a bygone era and add an elegance and prestige to any modern day event

Hollywood Film Crew

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Director Orsum Smelles is accompanied by various characters at star-studded events...

Irana Frump Entourage

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Top Society Hostess and dedicated shopper..

Judge Dredd

Robots / Sci-Fi / Space Themes / Meet and Greet

The future United States is a dystopic irradiated wasteland known as the Cursed Earth. On the east coast lies Mega-City One.

Living Flower Girls

Walkabout / Summer Theme / Flower & Gardening Theme / UK

Add a touch of sophistication to your event, festival or garden party with our beautiful Living Flower Girls, decorated in colourful flowers from head to toe.

Marilyn Monroe


A stunning lookalike, Suzie has impersonated Marilyn all over the world..

Meet & Greet

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Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Fresh from our top secret design lab, we bring you our brand new and biggest robot yet! MEKANIKA

Old Waiting Staff

Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

Ancient, decrepit and dusty servants attend the assembled dinner guests, slowly collecting up cutlery and tableware...