Moving or static, electronic, themed, French, walkabout, dancing - but rarely do they speak..

Elan Koszuk

Silent comedy mime / Comedy Cabaret

Phenomenal physicality from a master of silent comedy mime, who brings his unique and international brand of entertainment to events all over the world..

Les Hommes sans Noms

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Les Hommes sans Noms are ideal if you have a French themed event..

Mime- Init

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Mime-init is a comical character who uses sound effects and some mime humour to bring situations alive..


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Pierrot is a classic character, who has a history which dates back to the ninth century and "commedia del arte"..

Royal Footmen

Comedy Meet & Greet / Royal Theme / British Theme

With light humour, gentle wit, mime and lavish costumes, these footmen bring a touch of class to any event..

Servo Dummies

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Servo Dummies are unique moving mannequins - are they real or....

The Mime

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Beautifully presented, technically perfect and off the wall, this is white face at its quirkiest..