Walkabout & Street

The Streetwalkers

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The spectacular 'Streetwalkers' have to be seen to be believed and you will be guaranteed to see them from quite a distance!

The Tub Men

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Two old aristocrats being carried by servants in a bath of water.. very very funny and wet too!!!

The Tudors

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Historical Theme

The Tudors – one of the most exciting periods of British history. The perfect stilt act to hire for literary and historical events

The Van Dunk Brothers

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The boys will delight crowds with their award-winning dry land synchronized swimming display..

The Wind People

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It's howling a gale, but only in the world of the Wind People. These four characters appear to have been caught in a storm.. regardless of the weather in y...

The Wind-Ups!

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Amazing wind-up characters for meet and greet and walkabout - Toy Soldier, Ballroom Dancers, Latin Dancers, Businessmen and Alpine..tic..toc..

Timid Vikings of Reknaestuff

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Hellbent on apologising for all their ancestors' wrongdoing these extremely friendly and sympathetic Norse people don't destroy the towns and villages...

Tom Jones Fan Club

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These determined ladies follow Tom everywhere, and are never ... ever... fooled by his disguises.


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Fantastic, creative, investigative and interactive - the Tribe have arrived..

Ugly Tarts

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Great arse... shame about the face. Geeks on the game! These three lovely ladies trot around in single file at your event. How can one resist?

Utter Bankers

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We are launching our new improved customer listening programme to show we care about YOU - We care about your money. We care about your house. We care about you...

Victorian Time Travellers

Christmas / Victorian Theme / Roman Theme / Viking Theme / Festivals / Corporate

Join our two bonkers boffins, Warp and Weft on a voyage through deepest history. Meet whip cracking Romans, Morris Dancing Vikings and of course Mind Reading Vi...

Viva Las Wedding

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The Elvis Parsley twins cordially invite you to the world's only walk through wedding chapel..


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A very simple format: high status very British characters brought hilariously down to earth by the fact that they have yappy little dogs in tow..

Wannabee TV

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Forget X Factor and Big Brother these two are on a mission to catapult your willing 'Wannabees'” to instant fame..

World Music & Artists

African, Asian, Bavarian, Cajun, Choirs, England, French, Greek, Italian, Marching Bands, Medieval, Opera, Russian, Scottish and more - from the UK and around t...

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XS Bugs

Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic Theme / Alien Walkabout / Stilts / Insects & Bugs / Europe based

​For years they lived as larvae under the ground, where they could grow undisturbed ... But now they are hatched. And they are here..