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Create a wonderful memento of your event + lots of fun to watch!

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Carmen Rollas and Herman Seetas

Stiltwalkers, Ballroom / Carnival / Latin American / Cuban / Brazilian Theme

Salsa dancing duo, Herman Seetas & Carmen Rollas will thrill you with their outrageous Salsa dancing on stilts...

Carnival Carnage

Meet and Greet / Stilt Walker

Bouncy Stilt character

Carnival of Curiosities

Street Entertainment, Static / Victorian / Circus / Cabaret / Festival Theme

Theodore Fenwicke's three Victorian booths....

Centurian / Roman Living Statue

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / Romans / History / Toga Party Theme

This Centurian or Roman Living Statue is perfect for garden parties, street entertainment, themed events or just for that added wow factor

Cha Cha Chickens

Walkabout, Dance / Farmyard / Birds / Food / Festivals Theme

Perfect for those Latin and tropical parties, these lovely birds just love to dance!

Champagne Canapé Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

A beautiful strolling table on wheels with interchanging slots from champagne to wine to canapés, perfect for meet and greet..

Charlie Chaplin Human Statue

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / 1920s / Film / Hollywood Theme

A stunning amount of detail has gone into making this the most realistic statue of Charlie Chaplin - you might never know he isn't a real statue until he m...

Charlie the Cockney Chimney Sweep

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Victorian / Dickensian Theme

The lucky chimney sweep with a twist

Cherub Living Statue

Street Entertainment / Living Statue / Christmas / Valentines Day Theme

Not your average cherub really, but will perk up a few events as a rather 'cheeky cherub'..

Children of The Damned

Walkabout / Halloween / Film / Festival / Exhibition Theme

Two or more of those strange blonde schoolchildren from 'Village of the Damned'..

Chimney Sweep Living Statue

Street Entertainment / Living Statue / Mary Poppins / British Theme

This Chimney Sweep Living Statue is perfect for garden parties, street entertainment, themed events or just for that added wow factor..

China Red & China Blue

Walkabout, Living Statue / Chinese / Oriental / Carnival Theme

Superb living statues that can also be used as walkabout characters, perfect for oriental themed occasions and events

Chinese Acrobat and Dance

Walkabout, Dance / Acrobatics / Chinese New Year / Oriental / Travel Theme

Our Chinese performers combine Chinese Circus traditions, acrobatics and contemporary performing styles and dances to provide an exhilerating performance that i...

Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music&n...

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Cigar Girls

Cigar trays

Gorgeous retro Cigar girls and some freshly-cut Cubans. No matter what their trays contain, your guests will always be tempted to sample the treats these well-h...


Walkabout, Professions / Time / New Year's Eve

A quirky time piece - perfect for any event - now don't be late!

Complimentary Compliments Service

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Two waiters, from an era when service meant more than simply giving people what they asked for, offer you a complimentary compliment..

Couple No #69

Walkabout, Strictly / Dance / Ballroom / Rumba / Samba / Acrobatics Theme

Barry and Yvonne, ostracized by the world of competition ballroom due to an over enthusiastic technique demonstrate how to 'Rumba' amongst other talen...


Walkabout, Sci Fi / Fairytale / Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Fantasy Theme

For the first time outside the world of films, 4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts!

Crystal Ball

As with most forms of divination crystal ball gazing has its roots way back in history, but can now be a rather different form of entertainment for parties and...

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DJ Booth and the Wheels of Steel

Street Entertainment, Mobile Disco / Cabaret / Disco / 1980s Theme

Experience Saturday Night Fever and Sunday Night at the Palladium rolled in to one big glitzy ball of music..

Deep Sea Divers

Walkabout, Under the Sea / Nautical / Diving / Captain Nemo Theme

Descend to the depths with the jovial deep sea divers..

Digital Event Paparazzi

Fake Paparazzi / Real Photographers / Celebrity Photographers

Give your guests the superstar treatment - it must be something special if the Paps are there! - NEW 'Paparazzi & Print' - take your photos away on the night...