Walkabout & Street

Disco Ball Heads

Walkabout, 1970s / Disco / Dancing Theme

Very 70s & very Disco! Remember the Mirror Ball - now you can dance with one too!

Divine Airways Flags

Walkabout, Planes, Trains & Automobiles / Air Hostesses / Travel / Exhibitions Theme

Fasten your seatbelts! Divine Airways takes you to seventh heaven with fabulous semaphore from their heavenly hostesses

Dreary Shoppers

Walkabout, Fashion / Shopping / Christmas / Birthday Theme

Just one more present to get, and Auntie Mabel's such an awkward size ... 'What I'd give for a nice cuppa tea...me feet are killing me...'....

Duke & Duchess

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Venitian Theme / Royal Court / Masquerade / Marie Antoinette Theme

Bring a touch of elegance from bygone days to your event

Eliza Doolittle lookalike

Walkabout, Garden Party / My Fair Lady / Ascot / Sport / Film / Hollywood Theme

Stunning recreation of the Black & White 'Ascot' scene dress from 'My Fair Lady' and that 'HAT' accompanied by Professor Higgins

Elvis Cleaning Company

Walkabout, Music / 1950s / 1960s / Rock n Roll / Professions / Domestic Theme

'Highly efficient and dedicated - spread the word - 'Cleanliness is next to Presliness'

Emotional Security

Walkabout, Comedy Meet & Greet / Security Guards / Bouncers Theme

Sometimes what the public needs is a nice cup of tea and a cuddle. These sensitive guys are ever vigilant.

Epico "The Dragon"

Walkabout, St George's Day / Street / Fairytale / Fantasy Theme

Interactive street style shows starring Sir Aurelious Jones and the breathtaking animatronic wonder Epico the Dragon...

Fan Families

Walkabout, Puppets / Parades / Festivals / Outdoor Theme

It's your No.1 Fans, the curious Fan Families! They are just trying to catch a peek over your shoulder to see what you're up to...

Feather, Shell And Flower Reading

A fun way of reading personality and the future - by choosing certain ones you may see what opportunities will come your way...

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Felix & Felix

Walkabout, Street / Juggling / Penny Farthing / Victorian / Circus Theme

Felix & Felix Brent, the English Gents - Victorian themed twins, with Penny Farthing riding, juggling, and chat, all to the accompaniment of period, (and not...

Festive Elves

Walkabout / Christmas / Fairytale Theme

Two colorfully dressed elves carry a spectacular swaying eight foot tall tower of presents. Armed with quill, clipboard, pocket watch & whistle Head Elf Hor...

Flag Dance

Glorious colours, National Flags, Gold, Silver with LED or monochrome - high impact dance or walkabout

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Flash Mob

Walkabout, Surprise Dance Group / Surprise Singers Theme

We can provide the phenomenon of the 21st century internet craze that is, the Flash Mob!..

Flights of Fondant Fancy

Walkabout, Static / Puppets / Trapeze / 1940s / Wartime / Tea / Circus Theme

The year is 1940. Women all over Britain are doing their bit to keep the country ticking along nicely. A small teashop has opened, bringing tea to all in need.....


Walkabout / Gardening / Springtime / Summer Theme

Immaculately suited men and women whose heads are beautifully arranged pots of flowers go for a gentle stroll. Highly photogenic surreal image.

Flying Carpets

Walkabout, Arabian Knights / Magic / Fairytale / Victorian Theme

From across the desert sands come legendary storytellers Ruby Murry and Baba Ganush on their magical flying carpets. These colorful, comic characters demonstrat...

Footballer Living Statue

Street Entertainment, Football / Sport Themes

This Footballer Living Statue is perfect for street entertainment, sporting themed events or just for that added wow factor

Forest Fauns

Walkabout, Fantasy / Fairytale / Narnia / Mid Summers Night's Dream Theme

The Forest Fauns are chic, elegant, dramatic and beautifully refined. They are dazzling and mysterious in their crystallized masks and guests become bee like i...


Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic / Alien Walkabout / Stilts / Europe based

These silver, futuristic creatures have come a long way. A journey through time and space. They give us a glimpse into the future..


Walkabout, Royal Court / Regency / History / Kings & Queens Theme

A gaggle of eighteenth-century fops comment on the latest fashions and the like...

Glastonbury Hippy Encampment

Walkabout, 1960s / Hippies / Festival Theme

Not quite sure which festival they are at ... but that's cool.

Gold People

Walkabout, Retail / Fashion / Jewellery Art Gallery / Museum Theme

These are the definitive mannequin / living statue act.. The group performs with one mind...

Golden Angels Living Statues

Street Entertainment, Valentine's Day / Hollywood / Garden Party Theme

These Golden Angel Statues are perfect for garden parties, street entertainment, Heaven & Hell themed events or just for that added wow factor