Walkabout & Street

Grand Victorian Circus

Walkabout, Circus / Victorian / Puppet Theatre Theme

A roving miniature Victorian Circus featuring puppet clowns and an array of fantastic acts, all the thrills of a Victorian Circus..

Grecian Glamour - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalker / Carnival / Sporting Theme

Superb stiltwalkers perfect for Meet and Greet, Sporting or Olympic Themes.

Grey People

Walkabout, Everyday People / City / Exhibitions Theme

Strange, sad, monochrome people creating wistful tableaux..

Happy Families

Walkabout / Comedy / Interactive

The Art of Extreme Piggybacking does seem to have its advantages - you only have to buy one ticket, you won’t need to bring the pram and Granny can have a snooz...

Harbuck & Futtock

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Milliners of Distinction, this respected firm will create 200 original hats to order, on the spot...

Hello Sailor

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Features a miniature electrically powered speed boat captained by an old nautical seadog camping it up on the high seas..

Helter Skelter

Stiltwalkers, Dance / Music / Kid's Parties / Fairytale Theme

These curious stilt characters bring a splash of colour to the dreariest of backdrops, with stunningly choreographed movements.

High Society - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers, Royal Court / Venetian / Masquerade / British Theme

Fun costumed characters that take you on a trip down memory lane to a bygone era and add an elegance and prestige to any modern day event

Hodman & Sally

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The delightfully captivating Hodman Dodmanott and Sally Forth, a wee pair of wonderful wanderers from the proud country of Oblivia...

Hollywood Film Crew

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Director Orsum Smelles is accompanied by various characters at star-studded events...


Animal Theme / Walkabout

Humanimal is the best way to entertain your guests if you look to bring the "Wild" dimension to your Event! Completely stunning recreation of wild and...

Interior Designers

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Chic men & women roam the venue suggesting new colour schemes..

Irana Frump Entourage

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Top Society Hostess and dedicated shopper..

Jazz Ramblers

New Orleans Jazz / Dixieland Jazz / 1920s Jazz / UK

Amazing experience, very versatile, great players - happy jazz for many occasions


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Grumpy caretakers with a penchant for cleaning everything that doesn't move..

Jubilee Jugglers

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Circus / Jubilee / England / British Theme

Two jaunty chaps on stilts who can perform juggling tricks (including passing) and provide a big impact at any event.

Judge the Poet

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An amazing and original poet who takes any words given to him from the audience and turns them into a..poem..


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The smallest hotel in the world! L'Hotel has parked ceremoniously at its latest destination...The only hotel to come to you!

Les Oiseaux de Lux

Stiltwalkers, Birds / Jungle / Tropical / Carnival / Sci Fi / Aliens Theme

Hold on to your baguettes - here come the birds!!! An itinerant intervention of up to 17 giant monochrome birds and their alien riders for the street, shopping....


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The shipwrecked Captain and Boatswain's mate have been adrift since 1786 and are more than a little confused

Little Bo Peep and Sammy the Sheep - Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalker, Enviromental / walkabout / Flower Shows / Agricultural / Gardening Themes

Little Bo-Peep has lost her sheep and doesn’t know where to find him!

Living Flower Girls

Walkabout / Summer Theme / Flower & Gardening Theme / UK

Add a touch of sophistication to your event, festival or garden party with our beautiful Living Flower Girls, decorated in colourful flowers from head to toe.

Living Picture Frame

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Removalists place a picture frame in front of unsuspecting members of the public..is it art?

Living Statues

Beautiful and mesmerising statues to enhance any theme or event

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