Walkabout & Street

Living Tables / Human Tables

Living Tables / Human Tables are an amazing way to meet and greet your guests for any corporate event, private party and particularly Themed Event.

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Lord and Lady Goldwyn

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An Aristocratic socialite, who loves to mix it with the best!

Lost Ramblers

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Old fashioned ramblers demand the right to roam - through streets, shops, offices, car parks, houses...


Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

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Magnificent Organ

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30 minutes of madcap, musical mayhem! 'The Magnificent Organ' is an anarchic, screwball, outdoor show suitable for all ages

Man in a Box

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

Internationally regarded as the world's only living man in a box. He scuttles about meeting and greeting...

Mechanical Elephant

Walkabout Elephant / Street performance / Carnivals / UK

An extraordinary larger than life mechanical elephant, amazing to create the wow factor at events!

Medieval Fighting Knights

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Whether a fight for a ladies honour, a duel between Sir Lancelot and Mordred or the traditional St George vs the Turkish Knight, our medieval knights provide sp...

Meet And Greet

Be met at your event by Paparazzi, or Marilyn, or Magicians, or Gorillas or....

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Meet The Funnels

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Captain Carbuncle', 'The Very Sweet Fanny Adams' and 'Colonel Cognac' have set sail aboard the Three Funnels and are seeking new advent...

Mermaid Living Table

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Celesta the Mermaid living table has emerged from her Underwater kingdom and is a wonderful vision to meet your guests on arrival at your event.

Metaaaaal Rocker

Stiltwalker, Punk / Heavy Metal / Rock / Fetish / Mad Max Theme

Loud, fun and quirky in their Spikes, PVC and metal, great for meet and greet, rocking the dance floor or a boisterous walkabout.

Mildred & Henry

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Mildred and her sidekick Henry are a very entertaining walkabout...


Moving or static, electronic, themed, French, walkabout, dancing - but rarely do they speak..

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Mind Your Peas & Cues

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With his magical, mobile potting shed platform, celebrity gardener, Hugo Bushey Babcock, shares his green fingered secrets. Meet his prize winning vegetable Lei...

Mirra Bella

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Mirra Bella is a walking, dancing human mirror ball, she is covered in thousands of mirrored tiles and quite literally glows.

Mirror Dancers

Walkabout / Mirror / LED / Stage / Dance / Christmas / Futuristic

These brilliant sparkling characters will delight the crowd bursting out into dance moves to cast spectacular reflections on the surroundings.

Mr Big and His Henchmen

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Mr. Big runs the joint, and don’t you forget it. If, by any chance, you do forget it, his trusty henchmen are always eager to give your memory a little jog...

Mr or Mrs Santa on Stilts

Christmas Theme / Christmas Walkabout / Winter Wonderland

Our very own ''Long Tall Santa''! Mr or Mrs Santa on stilts (or both), great fun for Christmas Walkabouts.

National No Smiling Day

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The British League of Pessimists are against anything and everything..

No Flies On Uzzz

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Aristotle and Felicity Bluebottle, two charming and cultured flies, are ready to buzz by your event. Experience the world through the eyes of a fly and watch th...


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Bowler hatted dinner-suited men with silver faces march around in strict order...

Nosey Housewives

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A team of mixed gender housewives in blue raincoats and headscarves turn up to see what's going on..

Octopus Ocean

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Perching high on top of a tricycle vessel, a giant Octopus steers through the crowd, pedalling with her twisted tentacles. She propels into a rocky outcrop cove...