Walkabout & Street

Old Waiting Staff

Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

Ancient, decrepit and dusty servants attend the assembled dinner guests, slowly collecting up cutlery and tableware...

Olympic Athletes on Stilts

Stiltwalkers, Tug of War / Olympics / Sporting / Theme

Great for welcoming audiences - these towering Athletes can carry the Olympic torch at your event - perfect for walkabout or stage

Olympic Ribbon Dance

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Beautiful Ribbon performance combining contemporary dance and rhythmic gymnastics techniques in the Olympic colours.

Olympic Themed Bike

Street Entertainment / Bicycle / Olympic Theme

A bike with 5 beautiful Olympic coloured wheels - you don't see that every day!

Olympic Themed Bronze Athletes & Statues

Living Statue / Olympic Theme

Slow motion, torch bearing Bronze athletes and statues perfect for Olympic and sporting events

Olympic Themed Podiums

Walkabout / Olympic Theme / Arena Show

These three winning athletes are from England, France and Turkey with England coming a proud first! Great for parades and walkabouts

Olympic Torch Bearers

Stiltwalkers, Ancient Greece / Olympics / White Theme

Two glamourous Grecian white satin gowns embellished by hand with gold leaf and swarovski crystals.Complete with fire torches makes these beautiful stilt walker...

Olympic themed Optioscopes

Dance Walkabout / Danceabout / Street Entertainment

Capturing the drama and energy of the Olympic Games, this unique, unforgettable and energetic act is performed by a powerful team of skilled dancers..


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A displaced family of alien swamp monsters displaying the social skills and graces of jelly fish..

Organ Grinder & Monkey

Comedy Street Entertainment / Victorian Theme / Christmas

A juggling organ grinder, not sure who is doing all the hard work! One of our favourite street performers with yet another incarnation.. (not a real monkey!!)


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An extra-ordinary stilt illusion, there is nothing to say about this except seeing is believing!

Paparazzi (2)

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Always looking for that perfect shot and exclusive quote, these 'flash-popping hacks' spot celebrities at every turn..

Pedestrian Grand Prix

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Leg-powered racing cars compete for the Gold Cup accompanied by a live commentator..

Pemberton & Hague

Vaudeville / Gatsby Theme / 1920's / UK

A Vaudevillian circus double act for the modern era combining music, juggling, tap dance and comedy....

Pete & Ged Moss

Gardening Theme / Walkabout

Prize winning gardener "If you want it this big, make sure there are no more than three in a bed"


Stiltwalker / Birds / Futuristic / Sci Fi / Europe based

The Phoenix bird symbolizes immortality and resurrection - after being engulfed by flames, from the ashes rose a new Phoenix - half man and half bird...

Pink Suitcases

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A group of lost, very English, formally dressed tourists, carrying bright pink suitcases cause confusion as they attempt to find their way to the hotel, station...

Pirates of Menspants

Street Entertainment / Pirate theme / Comedy / Nautical, Seaside / UK

Two dashing, bearded, sea-shanty singing pirates..


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Pongo! Inquisitive, affectionate, adorable and cheeky; the world's only eight-foot baby Obobee bird

Power Peacock

Meet and Greet / Birds / Impact / LED

Fabulously opulent peacock is completely unique - you won't see another like it anywhere in the world - a nine foot tall light up LED peacock!

Pregnant Man

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Despite the unconventional nature of their pregnancy, this couple can barely contain their excitement at impending parenthood...


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Semi-detached suburbanites carrying their own French windows..


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The Quantified girls look to the past when black and white was the latest look..

Queenie & Prince Charming

Comedy Statues & Walkabout / Victorian Theme / Royal Theme

Off with his head! Blackadder comes to your event, great as statues or walkabout, these regal characters can be more serious if required..