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Stunning one-colour people with skin and clothing to match, posing like sculpture exhibits

Ribbon Dance

From Chinese to silver, electric and all the colours of the rainbow..

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Rimski's Bicycle Piano Duo

Walkabout Show / Static Show / Musical Show / Comedy / UK

A music and theatre act based on a unique bicycle piano featuring original cabaret style songs and surreal humor.


Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Rockin' Robins

Christmas Theme

Watch with delight as these two cheeky chirpy red-breasted robins spread Christmas cheer, with their fancy footwork and joy of jiving.

Ron & Don

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Having just concluded a spell in pyramid selling (they were deported from Egypt), these loveable East End rogues have returned with their eye on the main chance...

Royal Footmen

Comedy Meet & Greet / Royal Theme / British Theme

With light humour, gentle wit, mime and lavish costumes, these footmen bring a touch of class to any event..


Walkabout / Gardening / Springtime / Summer Theme

An hilarious and very surreal family favorite. Gather round and hear the words of wisdom from Prof John Davenport as he teaches the Kids and the Adults what bei...

School Children

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Revolting 1950s school kids in traditional uniforms..

Scone of Destiny

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The revered, mystical and ancient 'Scone of Destiny' is the centrepiece of this lively performance which combines elements of parade with mock ritual...


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Out for the night and out for a fight, this group of Sharons and Duanes are the perfect antidote to the more serious occasion..


Amazing silhouette portraits cut in a matter of seconds!

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Silver & Gold Stars

Fun walkabout / Valentine Theme / Movie Theme / Christmas Theme

Fun, bubbly characters - the Silver and Gold Star Walkabout Act are available to hand out roses, chocolates, messages, engagement rings, and any other surprise....

Sky Muffins

Comedy Street Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet / Air Theme

The Sky Muffins take you to a place where exclusivity is made ever more personal. Get ready for take-off and rediscover the romance of flying once again.. Faste...


Walkabout, Street, Indoor, Outdoor

Giant Slinkies stretching to 6 metres high, twisting, curling into a ball, thrilling, cute and can be quite nosy...

Snake Dancers

Fabulous, exotic and hypnotic snake dancers to add mystery to your event..

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Christmas / Winter Theme / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

Poor Robin Redbreast is being chased by the evil Snow Queen, who roams around on her snowmobile, trying to charm the audience in to telling her where he is!

Space Cadets

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This pair, Knowall Armstrong (believed by one to be the worlds cleverest person), and sidekick Buzz Allbran (possessor of superhuman abilities), are a legend in...

Spark Drummers

LED Light Show / Walkabout Drummers / Pyrotechnic Finale / Street Entertainment / UK

Spark is an amazing blend of bright lights, high impact drumming and mesmerising choreography.

Spiv Traders

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These professional 'street-traders' can get you anything from 'Vitality Potions' to nylons or dodgy souvenirs. All cheap. All top-notch qual...

Star Bubble

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A large transparent bubble. Clear, perfectly round and with a dazzling black Starcloth backdrop. Centred on a revolving podium..

Stegosaurus the Dinosaur

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A brand new show suitable for people of all ages, which brings prehistory to life - a combination of live sound, facial animatronics and extreme puppetry..

Steve Kaos

Stiltwalker, Juggler / Unicycle / Circus / Kis's Parties Theme

A superb all round performer who specialises as a juggler, diabolist and stiltwalker and is also brilliant at teaching circus skills - all with witty banter, fu...


Every kind of theme and every kind of costume and even bouncy ones!

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