Walkabout & Street

Stone Angel Living Statue

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Human or living statues are perfect for adding class and fun to any event and wonderful for themed parties

Street / Arena Shows

High quality, breathtaking, hilarious performers and physical theatre for street performances, arenas and festivals

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Street Runners

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Break Dancers, Free Runners, Street Dancer artists who balance on anything - using everything handy as props!

Swash and Buckle

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This dashing duo delight with their duelling and daring deeds...

Tall Men In Black

Stiltwalkers, Reservoir Dogs / Tarantino / Gangster / Body Guard / Bouncer Theme

Reservoir Dogs meet the Blues Brothers. These guys are secret agents, over zealous security guards and giant bouncers all rolled into one..


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Two men, a tandem, a trunk, a stage, and some unfeasibly long shoes..

Tart and Vicar

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An English vicar and his new bride show off their matching dog collars...

The 'Queen'

Comedy Walkabout / Royal Theme / British Theme / Sporting Theme

Her Majesty always enjoys a party and will graciously open/close the event and even the guests...

The Air Ace

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A gung ho, handle bar moustache Jonnie in a horribly realistic miniature Spitfire aircraft..

The Autograph Hunters

Comedy Walkabout / Movie Theme / Hollywood Theme

A gang of star struck anoraks who can spot celebrities in any crowd..

The Big Train

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Featuring a large man in a small train plus a lot of groovy tunes..

The Brunels

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The Brunels with a navvi trying to build a railway through your event..

The Car Boot Sale

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Frighteningly authentic but all is not what it seems..

The Cherubs

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One of the problems with these little cherubs is they won't stay still

The Chipolatas

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Vibrant, colourful circus skills, music and inventive street theatre. Industrial strength entertainment for any event!

The Curious Aliens

Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic Theme / Alien Walkabout

From a faraway planet two loveable aliens investigate the earth and its inhabitants. They like to suck out children's brains in their thirst for human know...

The Cycling Panda

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Gordon, the cycling Panda, is an hilarious life-size radio-controlled panda.. very convincing

The Dapper Chaps

Christmas / Winter Theme / Victorian / Dickensian / 1920's / Themed

A comedy character based act featuring Reginald 'tic toc' Monty Montgomery IV and Quentin 'bang on' Bladderhasit Caruthers III.

The Decrepit Butlers

Comedy Dinner Entertainment / Comedy Meet & Greet

A touch of class required? Good dress and etiquette explained? Tireless and resourceful butlers of the old school...

The Dress Circle

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An enormous woman with sumptuously brocaded child-bearing hips glides around event grounds effortlessly as if propelled from beneath, sharing social tittle-tatt...

The Explorers

Christmas / Winter Theme

Definitely not lost, searching for who knows what, our Explorers march nobly on.

The Fairly Fresh Fish Co

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The Fairly Fresh Fish Co. move through a crowd offering the traditional fare of a seafood stall. As the audience looks down upon the tray however, they quickly...

The Family Tree

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Enter into the arboreal world of The Family Tree. This gentle walkabout fits natural themes or outdoor events, and is perfect for peripheral entertainment, or s...

The Film Crew

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With director, camera, crew, a BIG STAR and the audience as extras...