Walkabout & Street

The Goblins

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The Goblins have arrived! Prince Oddness and his servant Grotsick are questing to find a new Princess, auditioning members of the public they bring their topsy-...

The Gorillas

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Mum dad and 'the kids' out on a wander with their 'handler' - very lifelike!

The Great Camel Illusion

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Simply a great illusion - the first in the world - ever - involving a camel..

The Half Naked Chef

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A spoof Australian TV cook gives a culinary demonstration that would make Delia Smith's hair stand on end..

The Hunt

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Tally Ho..is this politically ..um..

The Inspectors

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In from the depot at Burnley, never satisfied with a caution when a ticket will do..

The Jesters

Walkabout / Jesters / Christmas / Medieval / Acrobats / Multi-skilled / Circus Acts / UK

The Jesters are a pair of comic acrobats, with stunning costumes of antique leather and crushed velvet.

The Legwarmerz

Comedy Street Entertainment, Walkabout / Sports / Aerobics / UK

The Legwarmaz are comedy aerobics instructors valiantly trying to infect members of the public with their special brand of fitness-fun (and just a little bit of...

The Lightwalkers

Stilt Walkers / LED Colour / Walkabout / Christmas / Neon / Glo / UK

The Lightwalkers are an uplifting magical celebration of light and artistry, a visual spectacular that instantly fashion a special kind of wonder and excitement...

The Martians

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The Martians stride through this strange planet inquisitively attempting to go where no Martian has gone before..

The Microscopic Animal Enthusiasts

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A cross between Indiana Jones and David Bellamy, these animal lovers are on a mission of miniature proportions.

The Misinformation Tent

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Lost? Any questions? The Misinformation Tent will supply (wrong) answers to all life's questions..

The Mob

Flash Mobs / Dancing flash mobs / Dancing Waiters / Halloween Flashmobs / Outdoor mobs / Festival mobs / Promotions mobs / Mobs for large events

Everything about these surprise flash mob performances will thrill guests at every event - The Mob are experts at unexpected entertainment!

The Nannies

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The Nannies behave impeccably and expect you to do likewise. Bring it up dear, it's better out than in..

The Naughtiest Noise in the Galaxy

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A tricycle mounted booth in which are played some of the rudest noises in the cosmos..

The Newsdesk

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Top TV anchormen and news pundits James Dunkworth and Martin Glover report LIVE from a street near you.

The Notional Trust

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Observing unobserved. Believing they can't be seen, NT representatives Trevor and Rodger give a running commentary on the passing wildlife from their porta...

The Officials

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Three football referees who will transform any event into a cup final...

The Photographers

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Meet our Victorian gentleman photographers, whose work has been called 'stiff but exciting'..

The Pirate Show

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A shambling, grizzled old pirate and his parrot Roger..

The Pre-Hee Men

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Prehistorically potty walkabout and arena act complete with an electrically powered caveman car .. perfect for mix and mingle or arena shows

The Punt

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Two Oxbridge undergraduates descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt...

The Seagulls

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Totally surrealistic, with working beaks, they'll be rummaging in bags and pockets, stealing food from plates and picnic baskets, causing chaos as usual..

The Singing Fireman

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Features Fireman Stan in his tiny electric fire engine and his gloriously shiny helmet. Listen as he belts out a medley of wicked pop toons..