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£500 £100,000

Tim Oliver is absolutely superb as the star of 'The Office' David Brent!

Tim won best comedy lookalike on Stars and Their Doubles 2005 and appeared on Channel 4's Richard & Judy as David Brent reviewing the new American Office

He is quite uncanny as the wacky TV star with his now famous dance and o­ne liners and has appeared at numerous events, promotions, parties and exhibitions.

We can categorically say that Tim is one of the best new lookalikes of recent years and like other excellent lookalikes we can recommend, Tim will stay in character for the whole event (usually up to 3 hours) which will in turn have your guests cringing ('I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that a lot of you have been made redundant, the good news is that I've been promoted') and in hysterics ('They love me, they think I'm really funny').

Completely brilliant at ad-libbing. Fabulous.

Also does a highly 'motivational' speech for office parties or conferences (just a little to lighten the day) - 30 - 40 minutes of pure self indulgence (sorry, we did mean motivational) with a little audience participation thrown in.

How that works & other stuff -

I walk into the room to the sound of "Hand Bags & Glad Rags" which is the title song to "the office", I take the stage and start my act which consists of the Brent style - 'SIMPLY THE BEST' spoof Motivational Speech, then I open up the floor for a Q & A session having already planted a couple of hilarious questions in the audience.

Because I am a trained actor and ad-libber I come back with some "Brilliant" one liners that will have your guests cracking up for a long time after. (just have a look at my Testimonials, yes I did say Testimonials)

After all this the fun continues with my unique brand of comedic entertainment and the laughs flow on as I do the famous "Flash Dance Fused with MC Hammer S**t" Dance.

All my material can be personalised to your company and many people want to get me to mention their colleagues in the office with a little funny comment of something that has happened to them in the past.

What else do companies and private clients get me involved in I hear you say....

AFTER DINNER SPEAKING - Ricky probably wouldn't do it, plus he is very expensive, however, I look and sound exactly like him and deliver my comedy speech like he would, so don't accept (other) imitations yeah just get me in, Ricky says I am "brilliant".

PRESENTING AWARDS - this is something I revel in as it is usually winners like me who receive awards yeah, so I have a lot in common with the winners and we usually hit it off big time.

COMPERE - Ant & Dec have got nothing on me in fact Devina McCall said I would be brilliant.

MEETING & GREETING - imaging me meeting your guests at the entrance to your chosen venue, perhaps I could dress in the EMU Costume just for that extra comedy value yeah.

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES - why not have your guest take away a memory of the day or night they met the Brent Meister General himself.

BRENTY DISCO INFERNO - yes, at last I get to be a DJ playing some of my favourite hits from the 70s, 80, 90s and up to date. I act as a compere singing a couple of my own songs and introducing songs from other artists with some of my hilarious jokes and comments. I also supply the Disco equipment, so you don't need to go anywhere else.

I can get involved in many different scenarios and have appeared at WEDDINGS - SHOWS - PRODUCT LAUNCHES - EXHIBITIONS - ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS - NEW OFFICE OPENINGS - HEN & STAG NIGHTS - ETC the list goes on and on and on.

Sky TV

Tim Oliver aka David Blair is David Brent. He looks like him. Talks like him. Acts like him. Is his Height / Shape / Weight / Colouring. As I approached the filming location, I spotted the Brent Meister General in he doorway. I thought. "My God, the real thing has turned up!" Then, all my hopes for the TV feature became reality. David ad-libbed as if scripted.
He was helpful, funny and professional. What a star! And that DANCE!!!

Gary Cotterill
Sky Sports Reporter


Tim was an absolute star on the evening and completely won over the media that attended and subsequently, Sky Sports News ran a four-minute feature that ran throughout the entire day following the event. In addition to this, Football Focus ran a two-minute piece within their FA Cup coverage, and to the delight of the client, local print media also published imagery from the evenings activities.
Carlsberg's FA Cup second round event and the coverage it generated was largely due to the talented Tim who Carlsberg would whole-heartedly recommend for any promotional activity that you may consider him for.

Yours Faithfully
Jen Barrett
On behalf of Carlsberg UK


When we decided to book Tim for our BP outlets Christmas Promotion we where not sure how it would work as we had planned a gruelling schedule for him.
We where pleasantly surprised when Tim turned out to be not just a look alike and sound alike of the Brent Meister himself but also an entertaining, flexible, professional, who's sole ambition was to make the promotion a tremendous success.
We had a brilliant two days with Tim and would highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you Tim we will see you in 2005.

Yours Faithfully
Olivia Collins BP Marketing Manager


I wanted to say what a great addition to our sales conference Tim was, he brought the comedy to a usually boring event and his motivational speech was spot on. Thank you Mr Brent

Roger Claygate
BT Wholesale

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