Meet & Greet


Create a wonderful memento of your event + lots of fun to watch!

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Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

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Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Every kind of theme and every kind of costume and even bouncy ones!

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Aerial Artists

Stunning acrobatics on silks, with hoops or as a bungee duo..

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Aerial Champagne

Christmas / Aerial Artist / Aerial Champagne / Aerial Bartenders / Corporate

Up to three beautiful aerialists hanging from the ceiling, pouring champagne - now that is bartending with a difference!

Bands On Stilts!

Different musical genres - these guys will really get noticed at your event..

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Bay City Rollers Fan Club

Comedy Walkabout / 1970s Theme

70's teenybop hysteria is alive and well..

Beato Burrito

Latin / Mariachi / Strolling band

Beato Burrito are a crazy trio of rock n pop - loving Mariachi musicians, who stroll amongst your guests performing well-known songs - Mariachi stylee!

Britannia Optioscope

Walkabout Dance / Stilt Walkabout / Great Britain Theme

A spectacular costume featuring a Britannia head-dress, which can be worn as shown or illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light.

British Themed Human Tables

Human Tables / Living Tables / Great Britain Theme

Friendly and utterly charming these ladies are an ideal choice to give your guests a warm welcome. Elegant and immaculately polished they are perfect for servin...

Bunny Girls

Stiltwalkers, Bouncy Stilts / Meet & Greet

These girls can literally arrive bouncing (on bouncy stilts) and compliment your evening by serving Champagne...

Bunny Girls 2

Stiltwalkers / Las Vegas /

Sexy yet stylish, with a bunny tail. They are the perfect meet and greet with feathers or chocolate treats. Cheeky and flirty...


Create a wonderful memento of your event + lots of fun to watch!

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Champagne Canapé Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

A beautiful strolling table on wheels with interchanging slots from champagne to wine to canapés, perfect for meet and greet..

Chef Living Tables

Christmas / Human Tables / Living Tables / Food Theme

The master chef Monsieur Brullee and the half wit apprentice Pierre Bouffon are now available as living tables. Great for meet and greet offering guests their f...

Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music&n...

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Cocktail Bartenders

Bartenders / Mixologists / Flair Bartenders

Exceptional bartenders for the most sumptuous parties, with just the right amount of mix and flair..

Comedy Dinner Entertainment

From rather unusual 'Waiters' to the staff of Fawlty Towers..

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Digital Event Paparazzi

Fake Paparazzi / Real Photographers / Celebrity Photographers

Give your guests the superstar treatment - it must be something special if the Paps are there! - NEW 'Paparazzi & Print' - take your photos away on the night...

Disco Ball Heads

Walkabout, 1970s / Disco / Dancing Theme

Very 70s & very Disco! Remember the Mirror Ball - now you can dance with one too!

Duke & Duchess

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Venitian Theme / Royal Court / Masquerade / Marie Antoinette Theme

Bring a touch of elegance from bygone days to your event

Eliza Doolittle lookalike

Walkabout, Garden Party / My Fair Lady / Ascot / Sport / Film / Hollywood Theme

Stunning recreation of the Black & White 'Ascot' scene dress from 'My Fair Lady' and that 'HAT' accompanied by Professor Higgins

Elvis Cleaning Company

Walkabout, Music / 1950s / 1960s / Rock n Roll / Professions / Domestic Theme

'Highly efficient and dedicated - spread the word - 'Cleanliness is next to Presliness'