Awards / Conference Hosts / Celebrity Chefs

We have pleasure in sourcing and offering professional and experienced Awards Presenters and Hosts which are perfect and essential for so many events.

Many Celebrities and TV personalities are available as hosts and are available for public appearances for many different occasions including dinners, corporate events and many diverse events both large and intimate.

As well as high profile music artists we are delighted to be able to offer some outstanding figures in broadcasting and news, world class speakers of all genres, along with a wide variety of Celebrity Chefs.

We are constantly working with some of the best known names in the business both in the UK as well as Europe and internationally and through that are able to recommend an excellent choice of experienced conference hosts, conference facilitators, conference presenters and award hosts and celebrity guests.


Celebrity Auctioneers and professional auctioneers - have only the best raise money for your charity..

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Celebrity Chefs / Cookery / Nutrition

TV Chefs, Cookery Demonstrations, Nutrition Advice, Workshops, Wine Experts ..

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Comperes / Mcs / Toastmasters

Keep your event running smoothly with professionals who can handle any timetable and any contingency..

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Entertainment & Lifestyle - Female

Radio Presenters, Comediennes, TV Celebs

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Entertainment & Lifestyle - Male

Comedians, TV Celebs, Actors, Radio Presenters, Musicians, Writers..

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Environment / Wildlife / Natural History

All things Green, Animals, Wildlife, the Environment, Global Warming

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Promotional & Event Staff

Promotional girls & boys and models for exhibitions and corporate events

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TV Presenters, Designers, Architects, Construction, Homemaking, DIY..

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Quiz Masters

Professional, TV, Specialist, fun, exciting quizzes ..

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Radio, Broadcasters, Journalists

Journalists, talk show hosts, radio DJs and presenters past and present, broadcasters..

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Speakers & Hosts

Experienced keynote, motivational & after dinner speakers.

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TV Presenters, Adventurers, Football, Rugby, Athletics, Motorsports, Badminton, Rowing, Ice Skating, Swimming, Cycling, Horse Racing..

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