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Create a wonderful memento of your event + lots of fun to watch!

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Fun Walkabout Acts

Walkabout Street & Meet & Greet

Some great ideas to add another dynamic at parties and street entertainment


We are pleased to be able to offer you some amazing Lookalikes. These are people who really have an uncanny similarity to the real thing! 

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Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

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Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Balloon Modellers

Our balloon modellers are experienced professionals, so you don't just get dogs or swords, but a wonderful array of balloon animals and more..

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Beato Burrito

Latin / Mariachi / Strolling band

Beato Burrito are a crazy trio of rock n pop - loving Mariachi musicians, who stroll amongst your guests performing well-known songs - Mariachi stylee!

Bloco Fogo Samba Group

Walkabout, Drumming Band / Brazilian / Cuban / African / Samba Theme

A fun, colourful and exciting drumming group, Bloco Fogo plays Brazilian, Cuban and African rhythms at a wide variety of events across the United Kingdom.

Britannia Optioscope

Walkabout Dance / Stilt Walkabout / Great Britain Theme

A spectacular costume featuring a Britannia head-dress, which can be worn as shown or illuminated by hundreds of blinking points of bright light.

British Belles Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, England / British / Jubilee / Olympics Theme

Friendly and utterly charming, these ladies are an ideal for UK themed events. Elegant and immaculately polished they are perfect for all.

British Bobbies

Stiltwalkers, England / British / 1970s / Police Theme

Directing the crowds as if they were traffic at Piccadilly Circus and giving the shake-down to suspicious passers-by..

Bruce Airhead

Walkabout, Balloon / Music / Circus / Corporate Events Theme

Bruce Airhead... The metamorphosis of a man and a six-foot balloon...


Create a wonderful memento of your event + lots of fun to watch!

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Carmen Rollas and Herman Seetas

Stiltwalkers, Ballroom / Carnival / Latin American / Cuban / Brazilian Theme

Salsa dancing duo, Herman Seetas & Carmen Rollas will thrill you with their outrageous Salsa dancing on stilts...

Champagne Canapé Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

A beautiful strolling table on wheels with interchanging slots from champagne to wine to canapés, perfect for meet and greet..

Charlie Chaplin Human Statue

Street Entertainment, Living Statue / 1920s / Film / Hollywood Theme

A stunning amount of detail has gone into making this the most realistic statue of Charlie Chaplin - you never know he isn't a real statue until he moves

China Red & China Blue

Walkabout, Living Statue / Chinese / Oriental / Carnival Theme

Superb living statues that can also be used as walkabout characters, perfect for oriental themed occasions and events

Chinese Acrobat and Dance

Walkabout, Dance / Acrobatics / Chinese New Year / Oriental / Travel Theme

Our Chinese performers combine Chinese Circus traditions, acrobatics and contemporary performing styles and dances to provide an exhilerating performance that i...

Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Wonderful artists for all things Christmas and Winter Wonderland.From Street Theatre Performances to Walkabouts and Stilt Walkers to Christmas Shows and Music&n...

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Circus Cyclists

Stiltwalker / Juggling / Fire Eating / Uni-cycling / Circus Theme

A very skilled juggler/unicyclist performing all juggling skills, including knives, fire, on a variety of unicycles from small to 6ft high

Circus Policemen

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Circus / Jubilee / England / British Theme

Hello, Hello, Hello. What have we here then? One, two or three Victorian Policemen on Stilts ensuring everyone is feeling safe and happy.


Walkabout, Professions / Time / New Year's Eve

A quirky time piece - perfect for any event - now don't be late!

Couple No #69

Walkabout, Strictly / Dance / Ballroom / Rumba / Samba / Acrobatics Theme

Barry & Yvonne, ostracized by the world of competition ballroom due to an over enthusiastic technique demonstrate how to 'Rumba' amongst other talents.


Walkabout, Sci Fi / Fairytale / Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Fantasy Theme

For the first time outside the world of films, 4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts!