Christmas & Winter Entertainment

Festive Music & Jollity and things that make you go brrrr!

Frozen Theme - NEW!!

Frozen theme, Themed events, Winter Themes

Disney's Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film of all time and the passion of a generation and we can offer a full Frozen Themed Event..

Themed Props - Fire & Ice Theme / Winter Wonderland & More

Fire & Ice, Winter Wonderland / Christmas themed props for your events

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4 Legged Reindeer Stiltwalkers

Walkabout / Meet & Greet / Christmas Theme / Stilts

Wonderful interactive Xmas act to meet and greet and enchant guests for corporate events, shopping centres and parties

Absolute Crackers

Christmas Cracker / Christmas Walkabout

'Absolutely Crackers' come complete with boundless energy and have a full repertoire of cheesy Christmas cracker jokes.

Acrobatic Ice Elves

Christmas Theme

A pair of frosted Ice Elves, silvery like glaciers, with pointed hats and snowflaked cheeks, perform an Arctic Acrobatic Balance act with breathtaking contortio...

Acrobatic Ice Statues

Christmas / Statue / Walkabout

These stunning performers are fantastic for performing their slow moving statue act at winter, Christmas or ice themed events.

Aerial Champagne

Aerial Artist / Aerial Champagne / Aerial Bartenders

Up to three beautiful aerialists hanging from the ceiling, pouring champagne - now that is bartending with a difference!

Angel Living Tables

Christmas / Character / Walkabout / Meet and Greet

A gorgeous Living Table to entertain in character, creating an exciting buzz. Great for meet and greet offering guests their first cocktail or appetizer of the....

Angelic Juggling Stiltwalkers

Stiltwalkers, Juggling / Fire Eating / Tight Rope / Angels / Christmas Theme

These characters use their juggling skills and silly sense of humour to entertain at corporate parties, Christmas lights switch ons and any other Christmas...

Angels on Stilts

Christmas / Stilts

These two heavenly angels have plenty of altitude, they would love to help you mend your ways & escort you to Heaven!

Arbie at Christmas

Christmas / Human Robot / Meet & Greet / Sci Fi Theme

An amazing robot! Arbie always draws a crowd with his electronic festive outfit and special effects..

Arcadians on Stilts

Christmas / Stiltwalkers / Dance / Lights / Peter Pan / Midsummers Night's Theme

Six (or less) radiant characters dressed in the simplest white chiffon, silk and plaited gold, and glowing with shimmering light..

Betty Twinkle

Christmas / Walkabout

Betty Twinkle and her faithful Robin Red Breast have left their country life to bring Christmas cheer to all throughout the land..

Big 'Xmas' Rory

Christmas Entertainment / Comedy Christmas Walkabout / Scottish

A giant Scotsman, standing over 10ft high - Big Rory comes out for Christmas..

Bjorn the Polar Bear

Walkabout / Christmas / Ice / Narnia / Golden Compass

A life size and incredibly life like adult male Polar Bear. Playful, mischievous and huggable..

Bruce Airhead as Santa

Christmas Theme

An amazing 30 minute family spectacle as balloon and Santa merge as one...

Candy Canapés

Christmas / Meet and Greet / Food and Sweetie Themes

These fabulous Candy Canapés will tempt and tease your guests with her deliciously sweet candy treats.

Candy Cane Stilt Walkers

Stiltwalkers / Christmas / Nutcracker / Sweets / Charlie & Choc Factory Theme

Perfect for any Christmas (or sweetie!) event, the fabulous Candy Canes Stilt Walkers stand at over 9 feet tall and with their vivid and unique costumes...

Candy Girls

Christmas / Walkabout

Complete with their perfectly created perspex serving trays, the gorgeous girls can serve selections of sweet canapés (which can be provided if required).

Candy Striped Ribbon Girl


This scrumptious ribbon solo can be served as a delicious stage performance or an eye catching dance-about to fill any space with movement motion and colour!...

Captain Christmas

Christmas Theme

A festive superhero with a lovely lycra suit..

Casinos for fun!

Parties / Corporate / Christmas

Roulette, blackjack, poker and more - with professional croupiers

Cheeky Elf

Stiltwalker / Christmas / Walkabout / Tricks / Juggling / Balloons Theme

No wonder Santa is grumbling about the weight of the sack on his back- theres a rather large and lively Elf sitting on top of it, getting a free ride!

Cheeky Elf 2

Stiltwalker / Balloon Modelling / Christmas / Garden / Fairytale

Straight from the bottom of your garden the Cheeky Elf is extremely child friendly. This mischievous scamp will lead children on fairy hunts and tickle you with...