We are pleased to be able to offer you some amazing Lookalikes. These are people who really have an uncanny similarity to the real thing! 

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn Lookalike / UK

Perfect for those Hollywood Parties..Breakfast at Tiffany's anyone?

Austin Powers Lookalike

Austin Powers Lookalike

Have the International Man of Mystery and Super Spy at your party - yeh baby yeh!

Charlie Chaplin (1)

Charlie Chaplin Lookalike

Calvero is a wonderful tribute to one of the greatest silent comics of all time

Charlie Chaplin (2)

Charlie Chaplin Lookalike

Classically trained as a Mime Artist, studied all of Chaplin's major films - a great Chaplin impersonator..

David & Gareth

David & Gareth Lookalikes / The Office lookalikes

Not just the Brentmeister but now also available with 'Gareth' for the ultimate 'Office' lookalikes..

David Brent

David Brent Lookalike / The Office Lookalike

Utterly cringe making, absolutely in character, and the dance.....

Dr Who (Dr Two!)

Dr Who Lookalike / Sci Fi Themes / Time Travel

Amazing lookalike for 'Dr Who' David Tennant - even with the 'Tardis'..

Harry Enfield Characters

Harry Enfield Characters lookalikes

Well loved and hilarious characters from the wonderful stable of Harry Enfield. Kevin & Perry, It's All For Charity Mate & more..

James Bond Characters

All the very best doubles and amazing James Bond characters are in here..

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Johnny Depp

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Not only gorgeous as Johnny himself but also the perfect Captain Jack Sparrow for your parties!

Johnny Depp / Cap'n Jack

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an amazing lookalike, soundalike and actalike of the character Jack Sparrow from the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

Johnny Depp / Captain Jack Sparrow

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Photo double for Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides - a perfect Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator

Laurel & Hardy

Meet and Greet / Walkabout

Wonderful character lookalikes for Meet and Greet and perform close up magic too!

Lurch the Butler

Halloween / Themed Events /

The Addams family favourite Butler can come and butle at your party!

Mad Hatter

Alice in Wonderland / Themed Events

A stunning and exact replication of the fabulous character created by Johnny Depp in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Perfect for lovely tea parties..

Marilyn Monroe


A stunning lookalike, Suzie has impersonated Marilyn all over the world..

Mr T lookalike

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An amazing lookalike for the legendary Mr T from the 1970s cult hit 'The A Team'

Ozzy Osbourne

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The rock god himself..

Sci-Fi Lookalikes

Walkabout / Meet and Greet / Sci-Fi Theme

Dr Who or Star Wars characters come alive with these brilliant look-alkies

Simon Cowell

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The UK's No 1 Simon Cowell lookalike - impress your guests with the top 'A-lister' - or for a judge on a music panel..

The Chippendoubles

BGT / Dance / Comedy Impersonations

From Britain's Got Talent 2010, seven amazing lookalikes with an entertaining, fun and unique dance act

Walter White lookalike

Walter White lookalike / Breaking Bad / Movie Lookalike

An incredible lookalike for the infamous Walter White from Breaking Bad...

Will Smith

Will Smith Tribute

Amazing similarity to Will Smith - sings, raps and moves like Will! Not only but also some of Will's great movie characters - eg Hancock!

Willie Wonka

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A scrumdiddlyumptious characterisation of Willie Wonka,with balloon modelling and delicious pocket magic with sweets!