Sci-Fi / Time Travel / Futuristic / Space

Take your guests on a journey through time and space..

If you are having a Sci Fi Themed Event, Star Wars Theme, a Time Travel Event, Space Theme, a Galaxy party (sounds yummy!) or any kind of Futuristic Event we can help provide some really outstanding and exciting performers.

From Star Wars, Star Trek, Robots, Aliens, Stilt Creatures, Dr Who and lots more please take a look at the following artists who would enhance your event and excite your guests.

There are always lots more of our alien friends waiting to be popped onto the site so if there is something you don't see, let us know and we can find them for you.

We can also help with fully themed events, with props, decor, lighting and theming so don't hesitate to ask.

Please note that if you are interested in booking more than one artist for an event through Classique we can always offer a package deal.

May the 4th be with you!


Are they real? Is someone inside there? Is this the entertainment of the future?Amazing and futuristic performers.  Artificial Intelligence, Robots of th...

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Alien Birds

Walkabout / Sci Fi / Futuristic / Bird, Animal Theme / Europe based

They arrive in a single file. Blue heads bobbing above the crowd. Big eyes looking curiously around. Then they see you..

Alien Stiltwalker

Stiltwalker / Alien / Sci Fi / Futuristic

​Loves to sing, chat or argue - with himselves, or anyone else! Very Hitchhiker's Guide... A must for Sci Fi events..

Alien Tours

Find out More

Alien Tours! Thankfully they have a guide to stop them abducting members of the public.


Robots / Sci-fi / Space Themes / Meet and Greet

'In space no one can hear you scream' we dare you to try not to!

Aurora Laser Harp

Laser Show, Futuristic, Cabaret

Quite simply the most HighTech, Visually Stunning and Unique Show that combines the Laser Harp with custom designed Laser Graphics to give your audience a show....

Boogie Storm

Dance troup / Storm troopers / Star Wars / Sci Fi / Britain's Got Talent / UK

Simon's Golden Buzzer from BGT 2016. Great fun Storm trooper act with a secret identity - now with Darth Vader as DJ!!

Bright Sprites

Stiltwalkers, Bouncy Stilts / UV Reactive Costume / Halloween / Fire Theme

Recently landed from the planet Tango and obsessed with the colour orange, fun, friendly and bouncy characters will follow anyone wearing their favourite colour


Stiltwalkers, Young Children / Insects / Garden / Aliens Theme

These majestic and beautiful green creatures are very children friendly, they squeak with delight at the little people and when excited they tinkle their bells....

Calvos Dos

Contact Juggling / Walkabout / Meet & Greet

International specialists in the art of contact juggling, Calvos Dos manipulate crystal balls that glide, float, dance and levitate surreally around their hands...

Champagne Canapé Table

Living Tables / Human Tables / Meet and Greet

A beautiful strolling table on wheels with interchanging slots from champagne to wine to canapés, perfect for meet and greet..

Cheeky Aliens

Stiltwalkers, Aliens / Space / Star Trek Theme / Mardi Gras Theme

Beamed down from the spacr, these silver creatures are very child friendly. They are inquisitive and love to tickle you with their extra terrestrial tickling st...


Walkabout, Professions / Time / New Year's Eve

A quirky time piece - perfect for any event - now don't be late!


Walkabout, Sci Fi / Fairytale / Star Wars / Lord of the Rings / Fantasy Theme

For the first time outside the world of films, 4-legged, animatronic, film-quality mythical beasts!


Robot / Sci-Fi / Space Theme / LED / Meet and Greet / UK

The incredible Cybo-Bot is the world's leading high-tech LED robot performer, an elite and in-demand character creation.

Disco Ball Heads

Walkabout, 1970's / Disco / Dancing Theme

Very 70's & very Disco! Remember the Mirror Ball - now you can dance with one too!

Dr Who (Dr Two!)

Dr Who Lookalike / Sci Fi Themes / Time Travel

Amazing lookalike for 'Dr Who' David Tennant - even with the 'Tardis'..

Dream Queens

Stiltwalkers, Fire & Light Option / Aliens / Sci-Fi / Precious Metals / Jewellery Theme

Highly interactive alien characters on four stilts, with the option of a choreographed fire and light routine for evening events.

Electric / Silver Hoop

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Electrifying hoop performance with glittering light suit. Fitted with over 30 LEDS and encrusted with crystals..

Electric / Silver Ribbon

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED

Elegant and striking grand ribbon performance in electric / silver. Two dancers available for exquisite dance-about or staged performance..

Electric Ball

Christmas Theme / Winter / LED / Acrobatic

Exquisite rhythmic gymnastic ball display. This unique act is performed in a glittering light suit..


Sci Fi Theme / Futuristic / Alien Walkabout / Stilts / Europe based

These silver, futuristic creatures have come a long way. A journey through time and space. They give us a glimpse into the future..


Stilt Walkers / Glitter / Gold & Silver / 1970's / Futuristic / Fire & Ice / Christmas

Stunning, beautiful stilt walkers in opulent gold or silver LED costumes - who will definitely create an impact!


Robot / LED / Futuristic / Space / Meet & Greet / UK

Glo-borg is an immensely impressive stilts character from our range of robot characters.