Uncle Albert

Uncle Albert

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£500 £100,000

Ray James and Stephan Feix are not so much a partnership but a working team, they both enjoy enormous popularity wherever they perform together or stand alone.

Stephan is not in fact a Londoner, but when he steps out as Del Boy you would honestly believe he was a cockney born and bred. In fact he has been seen recently in the company of the Lord Mayor of London travelling the capital in an open topped bus.

Ray is indeed a man of many faces, his celebrity impressions also include Alf Garnett, Captain Mainwaring and Bud Flanagan. In fact he could be accused of being a bit of a workaholic with his busy schedule as celebrity impressionist coupled with his film and TV work, he relishes the time spent relaxing with his partner in their marina home on the South Coast.

Going out together under The Trotters banner with their trusty companion the yellow three wheeler, Ray and Stephan decided that the only way forward was to try and stay as true as possible to the original characters. After all isn't that what any audience would expect?

Whether appearing at a promotions event, wedding, dinner, or corporate evening you can be sure Del Boy will have a suitcase of dodgy gear, that genuine fake Rolex or the calculator that will work out the answer to your sum quicker than you can say Japanese Yen.

Never slow in coming forward, ever ready to take full advantage of his captive audience and Uncle Albert can't resist telling a few tall tales about his time in the navy sailing the seven seas, or anyway hitting the shores of the Isle of Wight, during the war. The yellow van is always a huge attraction wherever it appears and audiences love having their photograph taken standing proudly next to it.

Wait until you see the dynamic duo with their twist on the hilarious Batman & Robin sketch and those blow up dolls just won't stay deflated for long, no-one can ever improve on Britain's favourite sitcom, the script, the actors the ups and so many downs in the Trotters lives, their strange taste in transport and Del's very individual dress sense. Ray & Stephan like to feel that they have put together a brilliant and hilariously funny tribute that captures that indefinable essence, that special something that is forever Only Fools and Horses.

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