Stunning, exasperating, intriguing and great close up entertainment for drinks or dinner and many of the magicians also perform an amazing cabaret...

Adam Keisner

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An award winning and recommended close-up magician and sleight of hand artist specialising in close-up magic

Alex Crow

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Alex will dazzle and amaze with his mystfying mindreading and incredible magic. Alex is the psychic entertainer who brings something different to any event..

Amazing Norvil and Josephine

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Award winning Magic Circle double-act with polished and entertaining performances of magic and illusions plus acrobatics and singing.

Andrew Green

Close up Magician / Stage Illusionist / UK

Andrew is one of todays hottest properties in magic in the UK. He creates incredible memories for those who experience the magic he weaves.


Magician/Close Up/Look-a-Like/Comedy Magic


Barry and Stuart

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Barry and Stuart are two Scottish BAFTA nominated comedy magicians. Stylistically dark and weird they are creepy, cool, and funny..

Ben Hanlin

TV Magician / Celebrity Magician / Stage Magician / UK

Stunning TV and stage magician, star of the hit ITV2 show ‘Tricked’ with nearly 1 million hits on youtube!

Ben Hart

Magician / Stage Magician / Close Up Magician

Ben Hart is a magician and magic designer. His performances are original, daring and always startling..

Brendan Rodrigues

Close Up Magician / UK

Winner of The Magic Circle Close Up Magician Of The Year 2016.

Brett Sirrell - close up magician

Close up Magician

Perfect for mingling during your drinks reception, performing around the tables or drawing potential clients to your products..

Brynolf & Ljung

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Charismatic, amazing and as sharp as a button! Magical showmen for your event..

Chicks 'n Tricks

Close up Magicians / Female magicians

Up to 4 stunning girls doing incredible close up magic.. The World's ONLY super group of female magicians..

Chris Cross - Escapologist

Magic / Illusionist / Escapologist / Contorsionist

If you're looking for unique Entertainment whether it be small Close-up Mix & Mingle Magic or BIG Stage Shows of Illusion & Escapology,

Christian Lee

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Many people might know Chris as the many faces of Max Magic on Sky One or from the Comedy Store - an incredible magician, compere and comedian

Christopher Howell

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Entertaining Magic Circle magician who performs unforgettable feats wrapped up in engaging and sophisticated performances both on stage and close-up.

Craig James

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Professional close up and stage magician, Craig James is the natural and perfect choice for your event.


Celebrity Mind reading act / Mind reading duo / BGT / UK

Mindreading double-act DNA took the nation by storm when they appeared on Britain’s Got Talent (2017) with their incredible telepathic ability known as "The Gif...

Damien O'Brien

Celebrity Magician, TV Magician

The magic world's gifted boy wonder and leader of the new school of street magicians.

Darren de Lusion

Street Magician / Meet and Greet / Comedy Magician

‘Top’ street magician Darren de Lusion, and his long-suffering cameraman Barry bring street magic and glamour to your event.

Dave Moylan

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Medieval Magician and entertainer (and quite nifty with a guillotine)..

David Oakley

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An excellent and experienced magician, David amazes with both close-up and cabaret

Derren Brown

Celebrity Magician, TV Magician / Mindreader / Illusionist / UK

A combination of psychological illusion, perceptual manipulation and persuasive technique...

Dominic Reyes

Close up Magician / UK

Very experienced and excellent close up magician

Don Moses

Comedian / Awards Host / Magician / Compere

Not just an amazing close up Magician but also a stand up Comedian, Compere and After Dinner Speaker