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Kool & the Gang became one of the most influential funk units to find success during the '70's & 80's. They are also one of the most popular R&B groups of the '80's and their signature song "Celebration" has played at virtually every wedding since 1980. Kool & the Gang are known for their enticing amalgam of soul, R&B and funk.

Based in the US but tour in Europe they are available for occasional private and corporate events in Europe.

Inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame 

Continuing the tradition of preserving and celebrating timeless recordings, The Recording Academy have inducted to the GRAMMY Hall of Fame Kool & The Gang’s “Celebration”. 

In June 2018 four members of the horn-driven seventies-and-eighties hitmakers Kool & the Gang were inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, at a ceremony in Manhattan, honouring a song list that includes “Ladies’ Night,” “Get Down on It,” “Jungle Boogie,” and the ecstatic wedding-and-bar-mitzvah anthem “Celebration.” 

Three of those inductees, the founding members Ronald (Khalis) Bell, his brother Robert (Kool) Bell, and their childhood friend George Brown, met up at the venerable Greenwich Village club Café Wha? and greeted one another with boisterous hugs. “So where are the Jazz Birds?” Brown said. Brown, the drummer, wore a Bob Marley T-shirt. Kool, the bassist, wore a patterned shirt in shades of flamingo. Khalis wore black. They all wore chain necklaces. As Jersey City teens calling themselves the Jazz Birds, the three had started playing gigs at Café Wha? in the mid-sixties, when it was frequented by Richard Pryor, Richie Havens, and a ten-year-old David Lee Roth, whose uncle owned the place. (Later, they reunited with Roth, when Kool & the Gang toured with Van Halen.)

“Celebration” went to No. 1 in 1980. Soon after, it was played at the World Series, the Super Bowl, and a ticker-tape parade for the returning Iran hostages on the day of Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration. “Hey, Ronnie!” Brown said. “We’re not Republicans, but, ah&mdash”

“Also, they played it on the moon,” Khalis said. “I mean, not on the moon but on the space shuttle.” “Celebration,” which the band performed in East Berlin, may also have helped reunify Germany. “They said we put a crack in the wall, because the wall came down right after that,” Kool said.

Other timeless hits include: Get Down On It / Ladies Night / Cherish / Jungle Boogie / Too Hot / Big Fun / Open Sesame (Saturday Night Fever) / Misled / Victory & more..

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